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Parent Forum meeting minutes - 9th October 2020

Meeting attended by Mrs Cohen and Jennifer Brooks as school representatives and also by the following PF reps:

Nursery – Zahra Jabor
Reception: Shamila and Ruqqiya
Yr1 - Laura
Yr2 – Anna
Yr3 - Runeela
Yr4 – Mehreen (covering in the interim whilst we look to replacing the Yr4 rep officially)
Yr5 - Rofiza

  • 1.Online homework:
  • Q. How to get the online homework seen, acknowledged and marked by the teacher plus possibility to have actual lessons online alongside task-based work to further engage the pupils and keep up with the topics they would normally learn at school, in case of partial/full lockdown:
  • R. The school has been, and still is, working very hard to put a system in place for online learning and specifically they are looking to roll out the use of Google Classroom. This could happen as soon as in the next 3 weeks. Currently the teachers are receiving training on how to use the platform, following that the classes will also receive an individual mock up lesson and will be shown how to use it confidently. Google classroom will then be implemented and will be used as a learning tool in case of a lockdown situation should occur but also it will be used to set up weekly homework that can then be assessed and marked by the teachers. The school is also considering the possibility of live lessons through this platform, should a class or the entire school be in lockdown again. This is because the school recognise the importance and value of teacher/pupil interaction as part of their learning process.
    The school will communicate with the parents when Google Classroom is ready to be rolled out. Parents will also need to receive some sort of training but the school will communicate further instructions once the teachers and the pupils training has been fully executed.
    Action: Mrs Cohen to check with Mr Langford about how and when parents will receive training for Google Classroom.

    In addition, the school is currently fundraising to purchase 30 Chromebooks that will be lent to families who need them to carry out their online learning. However, we discussed the possibility to also try and source second-hand devices that can then be turned into Chromebooks by reprogramming with the necessary software – parents have offered to provide this service and also second-hand machines that will be loaned out not just for lockdown but also if a family require a machine to use Google Classroom on a weekly basis.
    Action: Mrs Cohen to speak to Mr Langford to discuss this option and find out if there are legal limitations to this offer.
  • Q. Difficulties in managing the work fully online. Parents have expressed the need of having physical hard copies for some of the work, perhaps some of the tasks aren't as suitable to be carried out totally online as it seems.
  • R. Please see above answer regarding the implementation of Google classroom which should solve this problem.
    - Mrs Cohen will also speak to management to ensure the work given is suitable for online execution.
    - PF Reps to reinforce the message in the mean time that parents who wish to receive hard copies can still do that by calling the school office in advance and request their homework to be printed off. Mrs Lester will kindly do that for any parent who requests it.
  • Q. There is a level of concern amongst parents form the younger year groups that children are finding the work too difficult. The transition between EYSF and Yr1 can be stressful and difficult and this year it has been made worse by the fact that many children haven't attended school for 5 months.
  • R. The school is very aware of this and keep working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible. The curriculum has to be covered but teachers are doing all they can to balance this with the mental health of the students which has to come first. The Yr1 group specifically would like to pass on some positive feedback to Mrs Scott who is doing a great job with her class despite the circumstances.
    Action: Mrs Cohen will pass the positive feedback onto Mrs Scott.

  • 2.School lunch:

Q. Could we not serve cake/pudding at every meal and substitute with just fruit and/or yogurts? Same with jam and chocolate sandwiches as kids can have those instead of a meal.
R. Fruit is already served as an option with every meal but just having that every day as the only option wouldn't necessary serve a great variety. As per having yogurts instead of cake that could be difficult as it's a meat kitchen and dairy isn't allowed. We could potentially look into serving dairy free alternatives but the school need to look into costs and also issues like allergies to soya.
Canteen staff do monitor the children and are aware of what they eat and they will not allow a child to have jam/choc sandwiches every day, unless that had been previously agreed with the parents/carers directly. Therefore, having those as an option as well shouldn't be a problem.
Action: Mrs Cohen to speak with management about the practicalities and implications of having diary free yogurts when it comes to allergies and possible cross contamination.

Q. Not allowing children to have 2 portions of cake/pudding – child has asked for second portion of food and was told no (which is fine) but was given a 2nd serving of cake.
R. Mrs Cohen has already spoken about this incident with Mr Langford who consequently has taken it up directly with the kitchen/lunch staff as pupils should not be receiving a second serving of cake/pudding. No further action is required.

  • 3.Pick up/ drop off:

Q. Options for allowing parents to drop pupils at their year group door in the morning and leave to avoid mingling and mixing (teacher presence at the door required)
R. Teachers have staff meetings every morning. Those meetings are very important for ensuring that the day runs smoothly and as planned, therefore there can't be any member of staff present at the doors to welcome the children in before 8:45. Children belonging to Yr5 and Yr6 can potentially be left in the playground without supervision as they are more responsible but the younger years cannot. Parents are encouraged to try to come to school as close as possible to start time to avoid unnecessary mingling and also to respect social distancing and wear a mask. It was suggested that some parents could offer to bring in few children from other households as to help minimising the number of adults in the playground whilst still offering supervision for the children.
Action: Mrs Cohen to double check with Mrs Langford that having fewer parents bringing in multiple children belonging to different households is OK.

Q. Issue with secondary age siblings collecting children at the school without wearing a mask and gathering at the top of the hill obstructing the way.
R. This issue has been addressed in the Newsletter and it is reinforced whenever a member of staff sees it happening. The older siblings that are seen congregating and obstructing the way will be asked to leave the premises if they don't adhere to the rules.
Action: Mrs Cohen to ask for reminders in the newsletter and will also check if it's possible to put a sign outside the gates reinforcing the rules and maybe even having a clear more visible "In" and "Out" signs on each gate.
PF group to reinforce message on their groups on a regular basis

Q. Siblings in Yr groups in isolation have been waiting outside the gates and cause some obstruction by the exit of the school.
R. As the problem seems to occur outside the school gates there isn't much the school can do except to reinforce the message and encourage parents to only bring siblings in isolation to school if there aren't any other options and be mindful of social distancing at the same time.
Action: PF to send reminders about the above

Q. Early picks up for Reception children.
R. Reception dismissal has always been at the same time as every other year group and will continue to be. No further action required.

Q. Dismissal time is sometimes 5 minutes over or later, could this be pointed out to the teachers

R. Mr Langford is already aware that sometimes this happen and it's mainly because the children have to wash their hands before going home and occasionally they take a bit too long in doing so.

Action: Mr Langford to speak to the teachers to ensure dismissal is on time.

4.PE days:

Q. Allowing the children to come into school dress in or leave school in their kit on PE days to minimise swapping clothes accidentally

R. This isn't possible as girls are required to wear a skirt as part of their school uniform. Children need be encourage to learn to take care of their belongings, however if there is a specific and reoccurring issue with one class in particular, parents should speak to the class teacher.

Q. Concerns over children missing break time if they are misbehaving and sometimes the whole class is kept back as punishment for the behaviour of few children.

R. It is important to notice first of all that children do not miss the whole of their break time if they misbehaving and their name is on red. What they miss is the extra outdoor/playing time called Golden Time. Every child is allowed to have their normal break as the school recognises the importance of letting children either rest or play outside during a long day of school and will not deny that if possible. On occasions some students who have not finished their work during lessons time will ask their teacher to stay back few minutes so that they can finish but that would be their choice.

There have been some instances where a teacher took the decision of keeping the class inside for breaktime due to behavioural issues. But those instances are subject to the individual teacher and they do not take this action lightly as they will also have to miss their break time, therefore this is used very sporadically and only when the behavioural issues are severe enough to warrant it.

5. Parents Evening:

Q. Parents are asking if and when we are going to have parents evening this year, possibly a virtual one by video or even just a phone call from the class teacher.

R. Parents evening isn't scheduled in the calendar at the moment but if parents have any concerns or would like to discuss a specific issue about their child, they are encouraged to call the office to book an appointment with the teacher.

Action: Mrs Cohen to speak to management to see if a virtual parents evening can be organised after half term.


Q. Kids are struggling to remember their capul which is becoming a real problem, bordering on disrespectful as for boys wearing a head covering is an integral part of the school policy. Letters have been sent home but have been ignored.

Action: PF reps to send out regular reminders to their groups via WhatsApp.

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