​Yo ho ho! Yesterday, Year 2 were pirates for the day. Children started the day creating pirate hats and Jolly Rogers. We then had a sword fight and went on a treasure hunt. To seal the day children took part in a fashion show to show off their AMAZING costumes!What an exciting day we had!Miss Hussain:-) 
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Newsletter #11 - Thursday 25th November 2021

​In this week's newsletter, we share the work and activities children did during Anti-Bullying Week...    Download PDF File Here
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Anti-bullying week in Nursery 15th-19th November 2021

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of kindness can brighten the lives of the people around us. In Nursery we focused on the acts of kindness we could do with our hands and feet. The children came up with some brilliant suggestions. "Wave to our friends.""Cl...
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Year 3 - Working together to beat the bullies

​Last week in Year 3, we looked at why people bully others. As part of our learning, we watched two short, animated films. The first one was called The Birds, where a larger, more unusual bird tries to make friends with a group who clearly think he is weird and don't want anything to do with him. After he tries to make friends with them, they ...
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As part of 'Anti-Bullying' week, children in Year 2 discussed the difference between bullying and playtime disputes. We discussed what bullying is and who to speak to if you were ever bullied.Who can you speak to if you felt you were being bullied? (Leave a comment)Children created some emotive artwork expressing a very important message....
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Anti-Bullying Week in Year 4

Good afternoon, As I am sure you are aware, last week was anti-bullying week and as a class we focused on the theme of The Power of Good. The children spent time thinking about what bullying is, the impact it has on others, why people might bully and how we could help those involved. In partners, the children spent time creating a helpful...
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Rude, Mean and Bullying

Last week year 5 discussed the impact of bullying by exploring the words mean, rude and bullying.Children created bullying comic strips and then discussed their bullying scenarios, the impact it has on individuals, the consequences and how to resolve bullying issues.
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Year 1 - Anti-bullying week!

Be a buddy not a bully!We learnt about what bullying is and how it can make others feel. We also thought about what makes a good friend. Our new slogan in Year 1 is "Be a buddy not a bully!" 
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Reception have super powers!

​As part of our Anti-Bullying Week work the children in Reception listened to the story Kindness is my Superpower by Alicia Ortego.  We talked about things which we can do and say which are kind. The children all thought about how they choose to be kind.
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Bullying vs Banter - How to tell the difference!

Bullying is very different to banter! Jihane  Last week, Year 6 explored the definitions of banter and how this compares with bullying. Activity 1: We created a spectrum in our classroom and children moved along the imaginary line whether they thought the statement was closer to the bullying or banter. This allowed Year 6&n...
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Children in Need...

Today in Year 2, children celebrated 'Children in Need'. We started our day with a special assembly led by the school councillors. We then continued our day with lots of FUN arts and crafts activities.Can you remember why we celebrate 'Children in Need'?Have a GREAT weekend!Miss Hussain:-) 
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Newsletter #10 - Thursday 18th November 2021

 The latest news from King David School, in our weekly newsletter...      Download PDF File Here
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Newsletter #09 - Thursday 11th November 2021

The latest news from King David School...    Download PDF File Here
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Stricter coronavirus measures

​With cases rising and some locals school hit hard by coronavirus, the governors have agreed to bring back some of the coronavirus restrictions. Please see the letter below...    Download PDF File Here
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