As Snow White took a bite of the lethal apple...

This week in English, children wrote an alternative ending to Snow White. Who saved Snow White in your story? Did your story have a happy ending?In Maths, children created a repeated pattern using a range of shapes. What shapes did you include? This week in PE, children continued developing balance and co-ordination through a range of different act...
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Les animaux

 This week we have been learning vocabulary about animals in French and practising colours.Les animaux - the animalsun animal - an animalun chien - a dogun chat - a catun oiseau - a birdune tortue - a turtle/tortoiseun serpent - a snakeun poisson - a fishun lapin - a rabbitun cochon d'Inde - a guinea pigun hamster - a hamsterun lézard - a liza...
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Snow White...

Another great week! In Maths, children have continued learning about 2D shapes. This week our focus was 'symmetry'. Children used Lego to create their own symmetrical patterns. Can you remember what symmetrical means? What is the opposite of symmetrical?In PE, children have been exploring a range of gymnastic shapes. Can you guess the shape?  ...
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Les couleurs

This week in French lessons we learned the colours.Learn more at this site:
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Newsletter #19 - Thursday 22nd April 2021

This week's news...    Download PDF File Here
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Newsletter #19 - Thursday 22nd April 2021

The latest news from King David School...     Download PDF File Here
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Fine Motor Skills Webinar

  Download PDF File Here
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What a great start to our 'NEW' topic Snow White!

In English, children role played the story of Snow White. Can you remember what ebony means? Why did Snow White leave her home? How was she feeling?This week in Science, children worked together to label parts of a plant. Can you remember why the stem is important?Our new topic in Maths is 'shapes'. This week children have been learning all about 2...
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Newsletter #18 - Thursday 15th April 2021

Happy birthday, Israel! Read about the latest news here...    Download PDF File Here
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Happy Birthday Israel!!

What a delight to welcome the children back to school. There is a buzzing atmosphere in the air and so many great things to look forward during this term.This Wednesday night and Thursday is Yom Haatzmaut!! At school, everyone will be wearing blue and white! Please remember to bring £1 for the non-uniform day!! What we collect will be donated to he...
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"Les nombres" in French

This week we have learned the numbers from 0 to 12. Check out the link below to a song, to help you practise the correct pronunciation.Les nombres zéro un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf dix onze douze 
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Newsletter #17 - Thursday 18th March 2021

 After an exciting series of Passover sedarim (symbolic meals) across school, here is the latest newsletter.   Download PDF File Here
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French vocabulary - Greetings

 Year 6 have had their first French lesson, learning how to greet someone and ask their name. Here is the vocabulary:Oui = YesNon = NoBonjour = HelloSalut = HelloBonsoir = Good eveningBonne nuit = GoodnightAu revoir = Goodbyeà bientôt = See you soonÇa va? = You OK?Ça va. = I'm OK.Comment ça va? = How are you?Ça va bien. = I am well.Ça va ...
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Newsletter #16: Thursday 11th March 2021

Welcome back, everybody! The first newsletter since all the children returned to school.    Download PDF File Here
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World Book Day 2021

Yesterday, children around the world celebrated 'World Book Day'. In Year 2, we had lots of FUN activities including book tasting, design front covers and dressing up as your favourite character. What did you dress up as? Do you have a favourite author? Can you guess the characters?Miss Hussain:-) 
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