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Kalimera Year 2 (Can you remember what language this is?)

I hope you had a GREAT extended weekend!

This week your tasks are listed below…

Spellings: (Applying suffix 'tion'

station, fiction, motion, national, section, addition, subtraction, potion, option, introduction

'Spelling Snap' - Cut out twenty flashcards. On one set of cards write down each of your spelling words. On the other set write the definition of each word. Lay all the cards flat, with a sibling or an adult take it turns to match each card to the correct definition. BONUS POINTS if you can spell the word correctly!

On Thursday ask a grown up to test you on these spellings.


Read the online book about 'Noisy' and answer the questions below. Remember to answer in full sentences and form all your letters correctly.

1. What sound does 'Noisy' make?

2. Why were the family crawling on the floor?

3. Where should 'Noisy' be sitting in every home?

4. How often should you test your fire alarm?

5. Who does 'Flash' warn if there is smoke?

Draw a picture of Noisy, Flash and Shaky.


Write a newspaper report about the Great Fire of London.

Success Criteria

I have included an eye-catching headline.

I have included the time and date.

I have carefully thought about the layout of my newspaper report.

I have attached a template of a newspaper report. Remember you do not need to print this - you can draw it yourself on paper.


Watch the BBC clip all about time.


Create your own clock-face. Be adventurous you may choose to use a paper plate, biscuits or even a clock shaped pizza. Play 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'.

Finally, complete the worksheet attached. Draw each clock-face and write the time shown. Can you label the hour hand and minute hand?

Have a GREAT day!

Miss Hussain


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