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Bullying vs Banter - How to tell the difference!

Bullying is very different to banter!


 Last week, Year 6 explored the definitions of banter and how this compares with bullying. 

Activity 1: We created a spectrum in our classroom and children moved along the imaginary line whether they thought the statement was closer to the bullying or banter. This allowed Year 6 to think about situations that arise within the class on the playground. The children had every opportunity to discuss their ideas and also reflect on their own behaviour.

We learned about how you can prevent banter from turning into bullying and just to be nice to everyone. 


Banter is supposed to be a harmless joke but it might not be funny to someone so we have to be careful. 


Activity 2: The children were given the task of imagining they were the chief of a town called Banterville. They had to make at least three laws which would help people within their community understand whether something is banter or not. Here are some of the informative posters they created:

Posters educate others on what bullying is and how to make it stop.


Creating posters encourages us to take action against bullying!


Activity 3: Using water colours, felt tips and crayons children were challenged with creating an imagine that portrayed the message of Anti-Bullying. 

Bullying can damage people's mental health which can impact you later on in life.

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Year 3 - Working together to beat the bullies


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