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Anti-Bullying Week in Year 4

Good afternoon, 

As I am sure you are aware, last week was anti-bullying week and as a class we focused on the theme of The Power of Good. The children spent time thinking about what bullying is, the impact it has on others, why people might bully and how we could help those involved. 

In partners, the children spent time creating a helpful, positive leaflet which shares their knowledge of these areas. In order to help with the children's understanding of the impact of bullying, we spent time thinking about characters from books and films who have been the victims of bullying and their change in behaviour. As a class, we are reading a book called The Angel of Nitshill Road, in this book there are 3 children who are affected and they all respond in different ways. We then spent time looking at why someone might bully and came to the conclusion that often this is a result of an issue within their own lives that they need help with. To finish, we looked at how we can help someone who is being bullied and person who is bullying. The children really enjoyed completing this work and below I have attached some pictures of their work and quotes relating to what they have learnt from participating in Anti-Bullying Week. 

​During Anti-Bullying Week, I have learnt not to bully and to be always be kind to everyone. 


During Anti-Bullying Week, I have learnt that being a good person will change your life in a positive way.


​During Anti-Bullying Week, I have learnt to be a good person and not a bully. We have had lots of lessons about bullying and there are lots of different types. 


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