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Our Mission and Vision Statements

"Where Stars Shine"

Mission Statement

King David Primary School is unique. The ethos of the Jewish faith permeates all aspects of life within a modern, multicultural school community.

Our school provides a meaningful and inspiring Jewish Education, relevant to all children, focusing on strong moral values and personal development based on traditional Jewish teachings. This enables children to become knowledgeable about Judaism and to be caring, responsible members of society and of this nation, sharing fundamental British values.

Positive relationships between the staff and children, a happy and hardworking atmosphere and an inclusive, supportive school, combined with excellent academic results, produce a reputation to be proud of.

Cooperation and collaboration with supportive parents are highly valued and ensure that our family orientated school nurtures and values children from all backgrounds.

We are committed to delivering high standards in all areas of personal and academic development, having high expectations of every child.


Vision Statement

King David Primary School will be an outstanding school, "Where Stars Shine."

King David will provide a meaningful and inspiring Jewish Education, relevant to all children. We will further develop the Jewish Studies curriculum to match the changing needs of the school community in order to enhance the development of Jewish attitudes, beliefs, knowledge and practice. Formal assessment and consistent marking will be informative to pupils and parents enabling further progress in Hebrew reading standards and in Jewish knowledge and practice.

We aspire to provide a curriculum which inspires and motivates all pupils to become independent problem solvers who can cooperate and collaborate with others. We will teach our children how to cope with and build on success, face challenges and meet setbacks.

King David aims to foster curiosity, self - belief and adaptability taught in an exciting, explorative, thematic curriculum. Our broad, balanced and vivid curriculum will promote a love of learning and high standards, especially in literacy and mathematics. Our curriculum will teach children the importance of emotional and social awareness and the need to be enterprising.

Our programmes of study will equip the children with significant knowledge and relevant understanding of what is right and wrong, fair and unfair.

The children will have a sense of identity within the local area and value their local community. They will appreciate and have the necessary tools to live harmoniously and prosper in their multicultural community and to develop national identity, sharing fundamental British values.