PTA AGM and Coffee Morning minutes

12 April 2019
Present: 10 parents and Mr Langford

Update from previous year:
- The boundary wall painting project has started with a base coat already completed. Designs will be made and painted on the wall to reflect 7 Values, each year group will come up with a design, reflecting 1 value.
- Held a successful Summer Fair which raised in the region of £1500 plus £1000 matched funding, kindly sponsored by Barclays Bank
- Purchased colourful benches for outdoor seating/outdoor education sessions.
- Purchased new shed to replace damaged one.

- Isik presented the Accounts for the financial year 1 August 2017-31 July 2018
- Balance as at 31 July 2018 was £6186
- The accounts were formally approved
- Plan for this year is to spend on improving the playground
- Proposal for long lasting Thermoplastic markings on playground, current quote has costings amounting to £5000
- PTA will allocate approximately £3000 for this project, pending outcome of Mr Langford's bid to obtain alternate funding for this project
- Mr Langford mentioned that having the Golden mile route demarcated would be beneficial and helpful
- A demarcated court would also be helpful for the children to identify a separate zone for ball games.

Summary: Farheen Arshad and Kate Panagamuwa are stepping down as Co-Chairs. Kate will take over as Treasurer from Isik Yohay Hasan.
Saarah Parker will continue as Secretary.
Anna De Santis and Isik Yohay Hasan were appointed as Co-Chairs.

- Co-chair Anna De Santis was proposed by Kate Panagamuwa and seconded by Alison Derrig
- Co chair Isik Yohay Hasan was proposed by Nimo J and seconded by Anna De Santis.
-Treasurer Kate Panagamuwa was nominated by Isik Yohay Hasan and seconded by Farheen Arshad.

For the Bank Account, Anna De Santis will be added to the list of signatories and Alison Derrig to be removed as she's now relieved of these duties.
The Nominted person for Internet banking transactions will be Kate Panagamuwa.

Planning for Summer Fair 2019
- Discussion on various ideas for a theme: Harry Potter, Jungle Book, Lion King, Colours. Theme TBC
- Thomas D has volunteered to have a stall
- Core planning team formed

Moseley in Bloom
- Successful funding bid last year was used for the Willow Dome
- New funding bid will be made this year
- Possible projects Friendship garden/spruce up the front section of greenery

Discussion of PTA theme for coming year
- Last year it was improving outdoor space and play
- Previous years it was Culture/ Inspire
- Idea proposed to have a theme around the Environment, loving your school environment.
- A possibility for a litter picking day/house points to be awarded for this as incentive.