Parent Forum Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Parent Forum coffee morning. The notes from the discussion will be posted here soon, along with updates on the actions taken as a result.

A message from Natali Fulford (Co-Chair of Parent Forum)

I would like to say that in my personal opinion, I think the communication with the school is essential and thanks to Parents Forum who helps make it happen and achieves results and I'm very pleased with all the team work from parents and the school.

Meeting notes - June 2016

  • Changing arrangements for Y4 and Y5 - request from a significant number of parents that school consider separate changing for boys and girls to protect their privacy. Mrs Cohen to take forward to SMT
  • Parent Forum vacancies - it was agreed that the vacancy for co-chair and any reps should be advertised in the newsletter.
  • Communication with parents - we agreed to explore setting up a Facebook group for parents. Parent group to work with Mr Langford on this to ensure security and other considerations are fully thought through.
  • Coffee mornings - we agreed to continue holding a coffee morning once a term
  • Blogs and diaries - we agreed that more use could be made of some of the year group blogs and also of children’s diaries also.
  • After school clubs - parents would be grateful if school could organise clubs so that there is something for every age group as many parents are having to do two pick ups and hang around with one or more siblings for an hour outside school. It would also be helpful to know this term which clubs will run on which days next term, so that parents can plan their diaries.
  • 11+ club - parents would like school to consider running an after school 11+ club for those children who otherwise cannot access private tutoring.
  • School fayre - call for volunteers
  • Security - Mrs Cohen explained about the training and certification Mr Marshall, the new security guard has.
  • Recipe book and food - we agreed that a receipe book might be popular with recipes of the children’s favourite school meals!