Thank You Assembly

Simone Bryant wanted to share  the feedback from some parents following yesterday's lovely lunch and assembly, which touched us all very much indeed. Quotes are below (circulating the WhatsApp thread).

--Beautiful gesture by KD school. Such attention to detail, so much care! See you all in sept. Have a lovely holiday all.

---Me too!!  here's to a great next year with parent forum and pta working together in the same way!

---Feeling very proud to have been involved with King David School today - it has a heart of gold, outstanding academic achievements, such dedicated, passionate teachers and staff, and enables such an enjoyable way to learn. Here's to an awesome year together for the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2015-2016!

---Yes! So proud and grateful to be part of KD and its brilliant PF/PTA with you all. Happy holidays everyone. X

---I am really proud to be a PTA member and help the school. Hope to do the same contributing for years to come---

Minutes of Last Meeting

Parent Forum & PTA meeting on 7th July 2015


Fiona Owen (staff rep), Natali Fulford (co-Chair of PF),
Alison Derig (PTA chair), Kate Panagamuwa (PF Secretary), Sadia Ahmed (Y1 rep).
Also Mirela and Rashida Mahmood who were both attending for the first time as


Asma Manir, Sadia Ishaq, Afreen Shahab, Simone Bryant, Karen
Skinazi, Samantha Bushell, Jennifer Brooks

Hope Chapel parking

Natali explained that the chapel will soon be voting on
whether to continue to allow KD parents to use their car park. Problems that
have previously been raised include inconsiderate parking, parking when the
chapel has specified that we shouldn't (e.g. later on Wednesday evenings for
parents evenings), damage to their property and rubbish. Various ways forward
were considered including asking parents to offer an annual contribution for
this amenity e.g. £1 each which could be collected at the school gate; a Friday
clean up session in the car park after Kiddush, ensuring continued clear
communications of dates that may cause problems such as parents evening,
creating a sign specifically to tell KD parents not to park there when it is
e.g. parents evening.

ACTION: Simone – please can you talk to your Hope Chapel
contact and establish what would be appreciated by them. Which of the above
ideas would they like us to take forward? Or welcome other suggestions of how
we better show our appreciation of their generosity and avoid and if necessary
make good damage / inconvenience.

ACTION: Fiona – please include an item in the newsletter
about this so parents know it may be lost.

After School Clubs

Now is a good time to be reviewing the provision and range
of after school clubs. A list of new ideas was brought to the meeting
including: sewing, cycling, baking, photography, computer coding, drama,
gymnastics, gardening, woodwork, maths and English. Fiona explained that clubs
have been run by members of staff and therefore the content depends on their
interests and skills but that parents would be welcomed if they could offer to
run an after school club. This would be a way to broaden the range. They could
be supported by a member of staff. It was also discussed that clubs which have
an ongoing project would also be welcome so there is a sense of creating
something together which can be presented / celebrated at the end.

ACTION: Fiona to take this back to staff to see whether any
of the above ideas are possible from their point of view.

ACTION: All to consider if they or other parents might be
able to offer a club.

PTA Funds

Alison explained that the PTA account is healthy and has
approximately £4k in it at present. Some of this will be needed to invest in the
50th celebrations over the coming year.
We discussed ways the money could be spent including: football nets, a
fan for the hall, school trips, play frame for the front playground, money to
support class teachers with additional resources (particularly now due to
budget cuts), money for specific project work. We discussed options of spending
now or waiting a year in the hope and expectation that funds be raised in the
course of the 50th year celebrations, which could be used to fund something
tangible and visible as a commemoration of this event. Alison explained that a
formal PTA meeting would need to ratify spends.

ACTION: Fiona to send a few ideas of play frame / outdoor
equipment round so we can start to build a picture of what we might work
towards. It might be easier to raise funds if people know what they are
contributing towards.

Safeguarding Issues and PF rep roles

We discussed what PF reps should do if other parents bring
concerns to them about safeguarding. Fiona explained very clearly that the
parent forum is not the right forum for this sort of issue. Reps cannot bring
issues to the attention of the school on behalf of others. Where incidents
arise and a parent is concerned, they are advised to book an appointment via
the school office to see either Mr Langford or Mrs Owen. We continued to
discuss how parents may be better supported with these very difficult and sensitive
issues which remain a current concern. Immediately after the meeting a couple
of further ideas were put forward:

1. For the
parent forum to hold an open meeting with safeguarding as a topic to educate
parents how to handle these things, to include perhaps speakers from outside
the school e.g. Community Support Officer or other experts in the field.

2. For
parent reps to receive some guidance in the way of an induction into the role
at the start of the academic year so that they are prepared with how to
signpost people appropriately.

ACTION: Fiona to include an item in the newsletter about
safeguarding so that parents know who to contact.

ACTION: A more full document about safeguarding is to be
drafted ready for September, which will be circulated to the parent forum for
comment before printing.

Summer Chillout review

We discussed how well it worked to have the PTA and parent
forum working more closely together and how this had contributed to greater
levels of involvement. Alison explained that she would like to explore how we
can go forward working together and explore how this can be done in line with
the PTA constitution. Alison explained that Rabbi Jacobs has offered the
Singers Hill kitchen (with supervision) for use by the PTA to help raise funds
by making and selling cakes. Alison is also compiling the list of kosher
ingredients. It was suggested that this be trialled at the Chanukah
celebrations next term.

We discussed the date of the summer chillout this year as
some people had found it difficult to attend as family celebrations were taking
place on the weekend ahead of the start of Ramadan.

ACTION: Alison to explore the PTA Constitution

ACTION: Sadia A to consider dates on a Sunday in the summer
term 2016 to identify which would be best.


Fiona checked that all PF members had received the
invitation to the thank you Kiddush and lunch this Friday. It seemed some may
not have done.

ACTION: Kate to send a message to PF members to ensure they
have received this. If you are able to attned, Fiona needs to know your food
preferences: vegetarian lasagne or baked fish goujons and chips.

We didn't set a date for the next meeting.

Parent Forum / PTA coffee morning

Please do join us for the coffee morning meeting next Wednesday (25th March) at 9am, run jointly by the Parent Forum and the PTA. This will enable us to explore the different, but complementary, roles of these two groups. The PTA will be sharing some exciting news about the plans for the 50th anniversary celebrations, coming up in 2015/16.
The meeting will also be joined by Mrs Cohen, our Head of Religious Studies, who will share information on how Jewish Studies is structured in the school, with the "Limudei Kodesh" and "Parallel" groups, and to answer any questions parents have.

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