Paret Forum Representatives 2015- 16

Nursery - Anita Virk & Samira Ahmed

Reception - Rona Baron & Afreen Shahab

Year 1 - Sadia Ahmed

Year 2 - Jennifer Brooks

Year 3 - Farheen Arshad & Dr Eman Elizabeth Penny

Year 4 - Sam Bushell & Sadia Ishaq

Year 5 - Summaya Siddiqui & Shantal Lawrence

Year 6 - Karen Skinazi

Parent Forum Minutes 22.9.15

King David Primary School 
Parent Forum Meeting – 22nd September 2015
Fiona Owen, Simone Bryant, Sadia Ahmed, Ruqqiya (Farheen) Arshad, Asma Manir, Summaya Siddiqui, Eman (Elizabeth) Penny, Anita Virk, Afreen Shahab, Kate Panagamuwa, Rona Baron, Sam Bushell, Natali Fulford
We were welcomed to the meeting and we each briefly introduced ourselves. We particularly welcomed Eman and Anita who were joining us for the first time.
Following various ideas discussed on the Parent Forum WhatsApp group, Asma kindly brought information about One Nation to the meeting.
The idea had in the meantime been brought to the Rabbi, who recommended that we support the charity World Jewish Relief. This charity does not seem to collect items such as clothing but seeks donations of money to support its work. We discussed various fundraising ideas including:
o   Something that would involve the children and increase their awareness of the refugee crisis – perhaps something they could make and then sell to parents.
o   Non-uniform day
o   Parents to donate their time and a specific skill e.g. henna painting, reflexology, balloon modelling, bulb planting etc… and offer a free session. Other parents could bid for each prize. To be done perhaps on a specific day at school or independently as suited to the prize. A letter could be sent from PF to all parents requesting contributions.
Ø  Mrs Owen to ask the School Council to consider how they might fundraise for the refugee crisis.
Ø  Afreen kindly agreed to be lead on this work on behalf of the parent forum and she made clear that she will need the support and input of the group.
Ø  Mrs Owen to check these ideas with Mr Langford and the Rabbi.
Football cards
Afreen explained that some parents would like there to be a more comprehensive ban on the bringing of football cards to school, to include the school playground before and after school. Mrs Owen explained that these cards are not allowed in school and already not allowed in the playground. An item can be placed in the newsletter reiterating this and teachers can also be asked to remind pupils.
Ø  Mrs Owen to place item in the newsletter and ask staff to remind pupils.
Golden Awards
Afreen suggested following discussions with parents that golden award winners be announced in the newsletter the day before the Kiddush assembly. Parents would then know to come to watch their children receive the award, if they are able. This idea was warmly received. Mrs Owen explained that teachers would need to adjust their ‘gold award week’ to run from Wednesday to Wednesday so that they would be ready to nominate in time for the newsletter on the Thursday. Also that names printed in the newsletter could only be the child’s first name and class.
Ø  Mrs Owen to take forward this suggestion
Authorised Absence
Eman explained that there was some confusion among parents as to the proper procedure for taking absence for Eid, with some parents not realising any action need be taken, others recommending a letter and others a form. The concern was raised that if parents do take their children out of school without authorisation, this would affect the school’s attendance statistics. Mrs Owen explained that a letter or form must be submitted to school in order to request authorised leave for Eid. Policies regarding absence requests are on the school website. We could perhaps make use of the newsletter to draw parents’ attention to policies on the website. As reps also, we can take a role in signposting parents to the policies section on the website. These policies are periodically reviewed to ensure that they are robust and accurate and are an excellent resource.
Ø  Mrs Owen to include the policy about absence requests in those highlighted in the newsletter (see item under safeguarding below)
Ø  Reps – to signpost parents to the website if they unsure about how to request absence.
Safeguarding – Mrs Owen
Following our discussion at the last parent forum meeting, Mrs Owen asked the meeting to read and give feedback on a new document about safeguarding. This document has been compiled by Mrs Owen and Dr Amanda Grant (Chair of Governors) and is intended to provide a simple overview of safeguarding issues, for parents. There is a full and comprehensive safeguarding policy on the school website, however it is hoped that this summary document would make key information more quickly and easily accessible to parents. We read and gave our feedback to Mrs Owen who will amend the document as appropriate and send it out to the Parent Forum via Kate. 
Sadia A. suggested that the newsletter could highlight a different policy each week, in a similar way that the governors have been included. We may not wish to lead with the safeguarding policy, although it would link nicely to the work at the start of the school year on bullying and could tie in with updates about school security. It would be a good way to signpost parents to the website and highlight the many policies available on there.
Ø  Mrs Owen to amend the document and circulate to the Parent Forum
Ø  Mrs Owen to suggest inclusion of features about different policies in the newsletter
After School Clubs – Simone Bryant
Simone asked that different after school clubs be considered for the coming year. We considered the types of clubs that might be popular: cycling (for health and confidence), cookery, sewing, animation, lego, gardening, badminton. It was discussed whether any clubs might suit reception children, but tiredness is likely to be an issue for them. Perhaps they could be included in one-off events such as film nights.
Ø  Mrs Owen to explore the alternative activities on offer from the service which currently provides the after school sports clubs.
Academic badges – bronze / silver / gold
Afreen asked whether more information could be given about the academic badge system that older children in the school seem to be involved with. Perhaps more information could be included on the blogs.
Ø  Mrs Owen to take forward
Natali asked for clarification on behalf of nursery parents of the best time to find out from staff about a child’s day. Small bits of information like what they had for lunch and how they had been during the day are valuable but staff are clearly busy at pick-up time. It was confirmed that there are now fewer staff in nursery due to a lower intake this year.
Ø  Mrs Owen to explore how best feedback might be given to nursery parents.
Soap and toilets
A brief discussion was had about the merits of soap bars vs. liquid soap dispensers. Concerns were raised about hygiene in relation to soap bars. However, liquid dispensers can cause significant mess, waste and slip hazards. Concern was raised about the cleanliness of the toilets in nursery. Nursery children go by themselves to the toilet to encourage independence, however this means the toilet is not always left so beautifully for the next child. Could frequency of checks be explored and perhaps increased? It was explained that nursery and reception toilets are already cleaned more frequently than other school toilets, as this situation is understood.
Ø  Mrs Owen will raise this issue. 

Hope Chapel Update

Hope Chapel have responded very positively about suggestions from the Parent Forum. Please do read this and appreciate how generous they are with their private car park.
These were their responses to suggestions made by the Parent Forum:
1) We do appreciate the concern you have and the willingness to propose asking parents for a small annual contribution.  Although we would be very grateful to receive a small contribution towards the upkeep of the car park, we would not want this to be seen as imposing a charge for the use of the car park, as we do offer it to the parent's of King David's as a token of our goodwill in support of the community.  
2) We have agreed that there's no need for a weekly cleaning party to be put together, although it is a very generous suggestion from yourselves.  
3) We fully agree that clear communication regarding dates of special events and such like continue, and if it is possible, we thought it would be a great help if we could be notified at least a week in advance.
4) Your idea to have a sign clearly stating that the car park is out of use, that can be placed at the entrance on those occasions when there is a clash of events, is a great idea and we don't mind getting something sorted for September.