Parent Forum Minutes 3.4.2017

King David Parent Forum Coffee morning
3rd April 2017

PF members present: Fiona Owen (staff rep), Eman Penny and Lior Kaminetsky (co-chairs), Kate Panagamuwa (secretary), Rofiza Begum (nursery rep), Sadia Ahmed (Y2 rep), Samantha Bushell (Y5 rep)

Two parents (nursery and Y1) attended.

Summer Fayre 2017 Date - 9th July 2017.

Organising group - Louise Fenton (Y1 rep), Sadia Ahmed (Y2 rep) and Kate Panagamuwa (Secretary) will form a core group and will be delegating tasks and asking for volunteers to help on the day too.

Theme - Big Bang Summer Fayre or Bangs and Bubbles or similar to continue the science activities the children have had this year.

Ideas for Activities -
Face painting, mendhi, nail art.
Craft activities - painting egg cups / flower pots
Bouncy castle - ask Natali
5 a side football
Tug of war
Animal Man - company who bring animals for the children to meet
Teddy, bottles and toy tombola
Year 6 throw sponges
Gunge the Headteacher
Remote control car obstacle course
ball pit
Balloon modelling

Food -
Tuck shop
Ice cream
Decorate biscuits
NB: We may be able to use the kitchen in the Nest on the Friday before, with Mrs Halter to supervise for making cupcakes or other items in advance.

Decorations - bunting / balloons

Roblocks – as a safeguarding issue, this is considered acceptable by school as it is al-lowed through the BGFL filter which screens out inappropriate content. We remain con-cerned at the use of a site which in an online community. FO and Parent Forum to explore with BGFL to raise this concern.
NSPCC workshops on internet safety - these will run in July for the children and there will be a workshop for parents on 18th July at 9am in the Nest.

Y4 lunchtimes - following concerns raised by Parent FOrum, FO has thoroughly looked at this. It seems that the difficult with the shortage of time is combination of children being delayed in starting to eat by prayers and then wanting to get out to play. Rabbi Jacobs will be reviewing lunchtime prayers to see if anything can be done to ease this.

Hygiene - PSCHE lessons will include reminders and discussion around hygiene and handwashing. Funding has been applied for to change the toilets and washbasins in the nursery and reception classrooms as the current taps are too stiff to use for some of the children. Hopefully this will have a positive effect on attendance.

Eid - Many parents seem unaware that absence for Eid must be asked for. The correct process for this needs to be communicated to parents so that they know what to do.
Items to go in the newsletter and information via WhatsApp groups nearer the time.

Bullying - there have been some issues of bullying. An item has already been in the newsletter to explain the proper process for parents if they are concerned about their child.
FO to explore training, such as Confident Communicators,to help children learn to re-solve these issues well. Play leaders are also on hand to help lead games at play times. Staff has been made aware of the particular dynamic of older children in an extended family trying to support younger children by confronting other children and the upset this can cause.