Parent Forum Minutes 10.2.17

Parent Forum -10th February 2017, 9am – 10am

Present - 24 parents.

Welcome - Eman

Introductions – Lior

Mrs Owen – deputy head teacher joined the Forum at 9.30am.

- We were asked to introduce ourselves and say one thing which we liked about King David School and one thing that we would like to see changed or that could be better.

What we like:

  • warmth and friendliness of the parent community and opportunities for friendship and cups of coffee
  • friendliness and approachability of staff
  • level of involvement of parents
  • early finish on a Friday
  • mix of cultures, faiths and languages at the school
  • supported entry into school for those joining the school
  • size - appreciate the single class entry and size of school this creates
  • good discipline and good behaviour of the pupils
  • the ethos of the school
  • much affection was expressed for the school and its particular attitude of tolerance and togetherness of different groups of people
  • a number of parents only had positive things to say and had no particular wish for anything to be changed
  • What we’d like / what could be better
  • homework - Y1 homework not robust enough
  • a climbing frame in the playground
  • that homework and spellings not be issued on the same day
  • outside space - more planting and flowers
  • more parental support for raising funds
  • after school activities - more clubs which reach across all ages (to include reception) to reduce double pick ups for parents
  • general care of the look of the school, both inside and outside could be fresher and more cheerful - could we have a working party day with parents coming in to help with painting / gardening
  • more fun - in the form of fetes and discos and lighthearted activities to balance the more serious academic and religious learning
  • teaching about other faiths - important for kids to be prepared for secondary school and life beyond with understanding of other faiths - can we clarify what is taught about other faiths and whether this could be expanded
  • books - that they include people who visually represent the African roots of the Abrahamic faiths
  • more support for children struggling to settle into the school
  • more discussion and connections between parents to build relationships and improve our understanding of each other’s faiths and what inspires us

Attendance was discussed generally between parents present.

Parents expressed different reasons, ideas and responses, including:

  • Parents can’t afford to take children away at other times
  • Where parents can’t avoid taking their children away, e.g. weddings and funerals – that their authorised absences shouldn’t count on their end of year attendance (whilst recognizing that authorised absences do count towards absenteeism
  • Where families would like a special family day, they feel it should be authorised as a “one off” event
  • It is actually the parent who are in need of educating about why it is so important to be in school, parents used the idea of instilling a work ethos in children using the analogy that mums and dads don’t take time off when they feel a bit poorly
  • Fundraise to increase attendance so that the school can offer a big reward, like a bike, (apparently other schools offer this for 100% attendance) at the end of the year for 100% attendance (this would also add more fun elements to the school)
  • Whereas a parent felt that rewards for attendance is simply punishing children for getting sick


Parents were asked to think about the use of the school planners for next time regarding their effectiveness.

Matters arising from the last Parent Forum meeting on 4.11.16

Online Pay System

Mrs Owen explained that the online parent pay type system asked for by parents has been approved by the Finance Governors and a company has been selected, who will be demonstrating their system soon for the school.

Screens for Y5 and Y6 changing


Rofiza Begum has very kindly used her sewing skills to ready the material for the curtain. The school will provide hooks for the material and get this ready for after half term.

Parents Evening Feedback

We have had very positive feedback from parents who welcomed the opportunity for privacy with their child’s class teacher for their appointment. The only downside is that there is no longer an opportunity to view the books prior to the appointment. However, the school do not feel that they can be left outside the classroom in the interest of maintaining all children’s privacy.