Hiding from the Greeks


Reception has been learning all about Chanukah and how the wicked king Antiochus issued a decree forbiding the Jewish people from learning Torah. Children would go out into the mountains and hide in caves to learn Torah. Our Reception children had tremendous fun finding a "cave" to hide, using the class tables as their cave!! They hid very carefully, singing the Alef Bet while Mrs Halter, our token "Greek soldier" patrolled the room trying to find who was learning Torah!!

Chanukah Reception hiding  Chanukah Reception hiding 1

Israeli Dance

Every Tuesday lunchtime Mrs Cooper ( our outstanding teacher ) takes Years 4, 5 and 6 for Israeli Dance. They are taught traditional dances from Israel. The children are given the  opportunity to take part in a festival in London each year, which over the years King David School has developed an outstanding performance rate. Furthermore the children also participate in school festivals and show the whole school some amazing dances.  


Learning to check fruits and vegetables

Years 2 and 3 had a fantastic lesson today learning how all bugs are not kosher for eating. Children enjoyed a hands-on experience of how to check different fruits and vegetables. The photos speak for themselves!!

Veggies 4 Veggies 5 Veggies 6Veggies 11Veggies 14Veggies 16