What a fabulous Chanukah!

What a fabulous Chanukah this year has been! Every school day throughout Chanukha we finished the school day with lighting the candles accompanied by the delightful singing of the children ably led by Mrs Cooper. Four of these days saw the magnificent performance of Chanukah songs by each of the classes. When it all is said and done, and you do a survey of what the children love about Chanukah, King David pupils will say it loud and clear.... the food!!

Chanukah5887 1  Chanukah5887 1Chanukah5887 2  Chanukah5887 2

Chanukah5887 3


ICT for Chanukah brochure

Year 5 and 6 Limudei Kodesh have been working on putting together their own brochure with information about Chanukah. This not only enables them to have a go at using Microsoft Publisher, but also, in order to choose what to write, they have to do their own research under the guidance of Mrs Cohen. The results so far are looking great!! 

Chanukah brochure 1 chanukah brochure 2 chanukah brochure 3 Chanukah brochure 4

Hiding from the Greeks


Reception has been learning all about Chanukah and how the wicked king Antiochus issued a decree forbiding the Jewish people from learning Torah. Children would go out into the mountains and hide in caves to learn Torah. Our Reception children had tremendous fun finding a "cave" to hide, using the class tables as their cave!! They hid very carefully, singing the Alef Bet while Mrs Halter, our token "Greek soldier" patrolled the room trying to find who was learning Torah!!

Chanukah Reception hiding  Chanukah Reception hiding 1