EYFS Seder

It's been a little while since KD ran another lot of magnificent sedarim. This year school was split into three so that year group had an age appropriate seder. Early Years seder was a lot of fun. Teachers acted out as Pharaoh and as slave, children ate traadictional seder foods and we all enjoyed singing the Pesach song. Here is the link to one of the children's favorite song. Check out if they still remember it!!



Purim @ the Oscars!

King David hosted its first Oscar awards ceremony this year and what an event it was! Purim celebrations this year were just FABULOUS! Take a look:

IMG 2493 IMG 2519 IMG 2527IMG 2553 IMG 2575 IMG 2583 IMG 2590 IMG 2592


What a fabulous Chanukah!

What a fabulous Chanukah this year has been! Every school day throughout Chanukha we finished the school day with lighting the candles accompanied by the delightful singing of the children ably led by Mrs Cooper. Four of these days saw the magnificent performance of Chanukah songs by each of the classes. When it all is said and done, and you do a survey of what the children love about Chanukah, King David pupils will say it loud and clear.... the food!!

Chanukah5887 1  Chanukah5887 1Chanukah5887 2  Chanukah5887 2

Chanukah5887 3