The Poppy Assembly - Remembering the Past

Mrs Halter led a very moving assembly about the Poppy Apeal and the origins of it. She took us to a journey into the past and helped us learn appreciation for what others have done for this country and for us. A highlight was seeing Mrs Halter's father's special World War Two medals, given to him for his services.


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King David School made our Shabbat extra special!

Two of our pupils were very proud to use their shabbat plate to make their Shabbat at home even more special and beautiful!

Jeremy and Oliver using their plate

Honouring Parents Quiz Time by Raphael, Michael, Ari and Jasper

This is about honouring parents. We wonder if you can answer these questions.

1. How do you say honouring father and mother in Hebrew?

2. Who does this apply to?

3. Who from Sefer Bereshit was good at keeping this mitzvah?

4. Why do we honour our parents?

5. What are you not allowed to do?