Honouring Parents Quiz Time by Raphael, Michael, Ari and Jasper

This is about honouring parents. We wonder if you can answer these questions.

1. How do you say honouring father and mother in Hebrew?

2. Who does this apply to?

3. Who from Sefer Bereshit was good at keeping this mitzvah?

4. Why do we honour our parents?

5. What are you not allowed to do?

Talent on a plate

King David School is a school overflowing with talent! Just have a look at the beautiful creating children served on a plate!!! These were done for Shabbat UK. Feed back shows how much children throughout the school enjoyed designing a challah plate. Enjoy the photos:

Plates for shabbat UK 1 Plates for shabbat UK 2 Plates for shabbat UK 3 Plates for shabbat UK 5 Plates for shabbat UK 7

Plates for shabbat UK 8 Plates for shabbat UK 10Plates for shabbat UK 11

Fun with Alef Bet

The nursery children are having fun learning their Alef Bet in their religious studies lesson with Mrs. Halter.


IMG 1188