Challah plates

Y3 have been decorating Challah plates with Mrs. Halter in their Religious Studies.

IMG 1546             IMG 1550    

Lets dance with the Torah!

Simchat Torah is a time of joy. What better way to celebrate than to get all the children dancing with their flags and the Torah? Can you spot our human Torah?


IMG 3093  Mrs Cooper Malachi

Reception does breakfast in the Sukkah

All children in Reception class enjoyed a lovely breakfast in the sukkah during one for the days of Chol Hamoed Sukkot. It was very exciting for the children to welcome the Mums and Dads, and other members of their family who came to join us for breakfast. Special thank you to some Year 6 pupils who joined us for just a few minutes to share their knowledge of Sukkot.


Breakfast in the sukkah 1 Breakfast in the sukkah 3 Breakfast in the sukkah 4