Year 5 making doughnuts with their families!

Year 5 pupils and their families came together to learn how to make doughnuts for Chanukah. What fun it was !! Children burst into song as they listen to the Macaabeets after doughnut making. The smell of doughnuts lingered around till the next day. Just absolutely delicious!

Doughnut Y5 4  Doughnut Y5 11  Doughnut Y5 5  Doughnut Y5 10Doughnut Y5 8  Doughnut Y5 9  


Doing a Musical Mitzvah on Mitzvah Day!

We are so proud of our pupils who gave of their time to take part on Mitzvah Day. These children gave their Sunday to cheering visitors to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by playing their beautiful music to them. Well done boys!!Mitzvah day

Year 6 Visits the Holocaust Centre

Year 6 have been learning about the Holocaust with Mrs Cohen. The course culminated on a visit to the Holocaust Centre where children extended their knowledge of the history of the Holocaust. They sat spellbound while listening to a Holocaust survivors. The visit's guide praise the chilren for their obvious knowledge and the high caliber of questions they were asking. 

Holocaust trip 5777 1  Holocaust trip 5777 3  Holocaust trip 5777 4  Holocaust trip 5777 2

At the end of the trip we stop by a rose bush that was planted in memory of one of our pupils's great- grandparents. The children were silent and reflective as then contemplated what it was like for Ben's family.

Holocaust trip 5777 5