Lets learn the Alef Bet!

Children in our Reception class really enjoy learning the letters of the Alef Bet. This is done through different activities. Please look out for their homework and make sure they do it every week! You will be helping your children become expert readers!

Reception2016 alef bet 1  Reception2016 alef bet 2 Reception2016 alef bet 3  Reception2016 alef bet 5

I love homework!

This week we start reading the book of shmot in shul. To help us get into the learning mood of the next few parshiot, please watch http://www.chabad.org/kids/article_cdo/aid/2165786/jewish/Out-of-Egypt.htm

It would be great to see some notes about the things you have found interesting!

Watch it and enjoy!

Olive press came to visit!

At the end of last term, children enjoyed a very special treat when Rabbi Simon from Tzivot Hashem came to visit and brought along his olive press workshop. What a treat it was to learn and take part in making olive oil for Chanukah!

IMG 4097 IMG 4098 IMG 4099 IMG 4101  IMG 4113 IMG 4120 IMG 4123