More Homework Fun!

Doing homework can be lots of fun! Why not have a go at this quiz and see how you do! Make sure to tell Mrs Cohen you have been on it and how well you have done! 

Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly

King David pupils took part in a moving assembly remembering the Six Million Jews murdered during the Holocaust and all other minority groups who were also murdered. We lit candles and remembered the victims of all atrocities and genocides and prayed to Hashem that such things will never happen again. Children learned about the part they will play in the future in ensuring that we live in a peaceful and safe world in the future accepting people of all religions, colour or countries without judgement. The children listened to the story of Chana Senesh and her very moving poem and song. The assembly ended with the beautiful music of Mrs Simone Bryant, who played music composed by Holocaust victims.

Holocaust md 1 Holocaust md 2


Lets learn the Alef Bet!

Children in our Reception class really enjoy learning the letters of the Alef Bet. This is done through different activities. Please look out for their homework and make sure they do it every week! You will be helping your children become expert readers!

Reception2016 alef bet 1  Reception2016 alef bet 2 Reception2016 alef bet 3  Reception2016 alef bet 5