Reception learn about Succot

In Reception, children have been learning about Succot.

They have been practicing a song about the lulav and etrog. Such fun it has been!!

Reception succot 5                         reception succot 6

We are really looking  forward to having our breakfast in the succah

when Reception Mums and Dads are coming to join us!

Learning about Yom Kippur

Leo doing Kaparah  We did Kapparot in preparation for Yom Kippur.

At King David, the Limudei Kodesh Group learned all about Kapparot. Children had the opportunity of doing Kapparot with money which was then given to tzdakah (charity)

Kapparot Ben Samuel and Michael

Rosh Hashanah

Year 5 have been busy creating a table set for Rosh Hashanah.IMG 0254