Festival of Sukkot

Year 6 have been taking turns with the lulav and etrog during the festival of Sukkot.

They have learnt which different directions you have to shake them in and recite the blessing.



IMG 4848


Year 1 children learn how to shake the lulav and etrog and have their snack in the succah

Y1 shaking lulav and etrog Year 1 children had the opportunity of learning how to shake the lulav and etrog this morning.

We then had our snack in the succah. All the children were very grateful that it stopped raining so we could do this lovely mitzva!

Y1 eating in the succah

Reception celebrates Succot with breakfast in the succah!!

Despite the drizzly weather, Reception and some of the class' parents braved the element to enjoy a lovely breakfast in the succah. Children treated all those present to a succot version of the Hockie Cokie song!! All the Mums and Mr Langford joined in the singing.

" You put your lulav in, you put your lulav out. You put your lulav in and you shake it all about..."

 succot lulav song


serving breakfast