Brother Issues by Raphael

Joseph did the wrong thing even though he didn't know. He said to his brothers that he will rule over them. The brothers thought he was trying to be very arrogant. They then threw him in a pit, which was the wrong thing to do.

The story of Yosef by Melissa

That you should not throw  your brother in a pit even if you feel like it.

Honouring Parents Quiz Time by Raphael, Michael, Ari and Jasper

This is about honouring parents. We wonder if you can answer these questions.

1. How do you say honouring father and mother in Hebrew?

2. Who does this apply to?

3. Who from Sefer Bereshit was good at keeping this mitzvah?

4. Why do we honour our parents?

5. What are you not allowed to do?

Great Chanukah song By Ben

I suggest this Maccabeats song.  Click below to go to the site.

Laws of Chanukah by Samuel

  • On Chanukah you are not allowed to fast.
  • Wax candles are also acceptable, providing they have a single wick.
  • Any type of oil is acceptable for use in the menorah, however, it is best to use olive oil.
  • The oil should not be made of a forbidden substance, nor should it be something from which it is forbidden to derive benefit.
  • It is prohibited to light the shamash from the Chanukah candles.
  • During morning prayers, Shacharit, one should recite the full Hallel every day.
  • The Menorah should not be moved after is has been lit.
  • On the other nights only the first two blessings are said.
  • Chanukah begins on the evening of the 25th of Kislev and continues for eight days.
  • If the Menorah was not lit properly in the first place, or was lit in a windy place and blew out then one is obligated to relight if it went out within 1/2 hour after nightfall.

Amazing Chanukah Facts By Ben

When Antiochus invaded Israel, after waging war with King Ptolemy of Egypt.  The Syrian-Greeks studied the Torah they understood that it was a book of wisdom but did not believe that it could connect us with Hashem.  After a while Antiochus died and his son, Seleucus opressed the Jews even more than his Father did. Despite the opression on the Jews there were more Hellenists and that meant the influence from them.