Rosh Hashana information by Ardalan

On Rosh Hashnah we have a lot of fun. We dip the apple in the honey to remind us of a sweet new year. We have round chalot and have the head of the fish to remind us of the head of the year and our relationship with God gets stronger.

Why do we have fish head? By Samuel

We have a fish head because G-d does not close his eyes so it like a fish when it can not close it eyes.


Why do we have apple and honey? By Ben

We have apple because it is the most well known fruit and other things in different languages are named after it and honey because Israel is the land of overflowing honey and milk and honey is sweet.

Why do we blow the shofar? by Noah

Each day of Elul (except Shabbat and the last day of Elul), we sound the shofar as a call to repentance. It also wakes us up, ready for the day ahead.