Vote for Yosef By Samuel

Vote Joseph vice Pharoh. Why you should vote for Joseph? Because he is a good leader and role model. Well he is not a cocky or a selfish leader, he is a nice, kind and thoughtful leader. If it was not for Joseph Egypt would have had no food making it a famine. Joseph inspires me because he a good leader and a inspiration.

Vote for Yosef by Ardalan

Yosef is a kind and persuasive Leader.He is never bossy or unkind he always makes sure that no one starves and is really inspiring to others. Yosef is always brave and thoughtful.

Vote for Yosef By Ben

Vote for Joseph for Vice Pharoh. You should vote for Joseph because he inspires everyone out there with his caring but not cocky brilliant leadership.  Joseph is a great role model and is always there if you need someone to talk to. Another reason why Joseph should be voted to retake his old position is that he made a really good job last time so why not again. Vote Joseph!

Why Yosef gets my vote! By Noah

Joseph gets my vote for reelection as vice pharaoh, because: he's brave, as he came in to a different culture he had no clue about when he was little; he's a good leader, when he last was vice pharoh he didn't become cocky like most people do when they get some power and he saved the whole of Egypt from starving in the seven years of drought.

The story of Yosef by shailee

Yossefs brothers weren't just jealous of his coat and how he was treated.




Joseph By Jacob

I have learnt how to compare the story of Joseph to my siblings.