School Uniform

Children attending the school must wear uniform. The uniform listed below may be obtained from any shop of your choice, but should you experience any difficulty, all items are stocked at:

Clive Mark Schoolwear
38 Poplar Road, Kings Heath
4-5 Three Shires Oak Road, Bearwood
Branches also in Wylde Green, Sheldon and Walsall.

Nursery children are not required to wear uniform, but the wearing of school polo shirts and sweatshirts is encouraged. These can be purchased from Clive Mark Schoolwear.

Navy blazer (optional) with school badge
Long / short grey trousers
Light blue polo shirt with school logo
Grey sweatshirt with school logo
Light blue shirt with collar and school tie
Grey V neck jumper or school jumper
Grey socks

Navy blazer (optional) with school badge
Grey pinafore dress or skirt
Light blue polo shirt with school logo
Grey sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
Light blue shirt with collar and school tie
Grey V neck jumper, school jumper or cardigan
Grey tights or grey or white socks
Summer alternative: Blue and white gingham dress, with white socks

Children must wear proper school shoes in navy blue or black. Boots, trainers and open toed sandals are not allowed.

For safety and hygiene reasons all children must possess the school's P.E. kit.
Plain white T-shirt (no motifs or slogans) or school T-shirt
Navy gym shorts
Navy games skirt for girls, if preferred.
White ankle socks
Black plimsolls for indoor wear
Pumps or trainers for outdoor wear
Navy blue track suit (optional, but must be navy blue if worn)
P.E. bag, marked with your child's name on the outside, to hold P.E. kit
A swimming costume and towel are required for swimming (Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6)

An apron or old shirt is useful for Art and Craft

School fleeces (waterproof) are available from Clive Mark Schoolwear (optional)

All boys must wear a capul (head covering) in school colours. These can be purchased from the school office. For girls, if headscarves or hairbands are worn, these also must be in school colours.

The school discourages the wearing of jewellery. For safety reasons no jewellery may be worn during P.E. lessons or on swimming days. Children should not wear nail varnish in school.

We have insufficient cloakroom space to accommodate large rucksacks and holdalls. A homework bag may be purchased from the School Office. This, together with a P.E. bag and small lunch box, if required, is all your child needs to bring to school.

It is important that all articles of clothing and all personal property are clearly marked with your child's name. The school accepts no responsibility for articles lost in school. Unnamed items of lost property will be disposed of at the end of term.

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