Chanukah Fun

We had a fun filled day on Tuesday to celebrate the upcoming festival of Chanukah.  First, during an extended assembly, we all joined in with some festive songs and were entertained by the amazing Israeli dancers.  Then we - and our elders- went back to class and made lanterns.  During breaktime our elders enjoyed a warm drink and biscuits.  Afterwards we carried on with the creative theme by making dreidle hats.  This involved some quiet, intricate colouring.  For lunch we were treated to a yummy Chanukah meal - with doughnuts for dessert (OF COURSE!!).  We finished the day off by watching a film in the hall with years 4, 5 and 6.

IMG 0352         IMG 0353         IMG 0354        IMG 0357

Now we're ready for our winter holiday.  See you all in 2020!