Day 2 Year 5

Today, we went Kayaking and climbing. We used the equipment to absail, climb and zip wire. We had to work as a team, use good communication skills and we were very encouraging to our teams. 


Quotes of today:


5am in the girls' dorms.

Knock, knock.

Child: ‘The sleeping bag won’t zip back up!’

Mrs Poole and Miss Hall in unison: ‘That is not an emergency!’ 


'Miss, you know my indoor shoes, well I wore them in the shower and now they are wet!!!!!!'


Child: "Miss Hall, What are those?" (mole hills).  

Miss Hall:  "What do you think they are?"

Child: "Mini volcanoes!"


'I am not going in the canoe because it is made of metal and I have seen the titanic!'


'Are we are going to go out tonight to see the lights in the sky?'


Praise goes to:

Adeel - for conquering his fear of the zip  wire.  

Eshal - for conquering her fear of heights

Amy - for conquering her fear of heights

Amna -  for fantastic bravery all day.

Hassan -  for falling out of a canoe but getting straight back in and gaining himself the nickname "Water boy!"

Mohammed (Y6) -  for conquering his fear of heights. 

Leo - for being keen to try anything and becoming a super climber.