Milk and meat by Sophie B

Hi kids,

Today on Sophie's Torah talk I will be talking about how in the Torah it says that you should not mix milk or meat because Hashem says that it is CRUEL because the baby calf drinks milk from the utter 

Parsha Shlach Lecha by Sophie B

Hi kids,

We are back with Sophie's Torah talk and today.  I am going to be telling you about how when the Jewish people were asking Moshe to send spies to Israel to see what was there because if there was giants living there and they started a war then we would obviously die and loose! So Moshe started to talk to Hashem about this situation.So Hashem told Moshe to pick twelve of the most righteous people, one from each tribe.So Moshe picked exactly what Hashem told him to and told all twelve of them to look round Israel to check it was safe.However, ten of the twelve tribes lied (told the truth is a very negative way) to Moshe and told him that the land was terrible and that it was very dangerous but the other two told him that the land was blessed by Hashem and the fruits were big because of the soil so the ten got punished by Hashem and anyone over twenty and up would not entre Israel but would die when they turned 60. The Spies who gave a negative report died straight away from an enormous tong and worms that would go into your belly.

Well thats it folks! Bye!

Kosher animals by Reuben

You know if a land animal is kosher if it has split hooves and chews its cud.When someone says that an animal chews its cud it means that it chew its food twice.


bishul yisroel by malky jacobs

Hey guys its me Malky.

Do you know what bishul Yisroel is ?

Well if you dont i am here to help! 

Bishul yisroel is when food is made by a Jew .

Even if the ingredients are kosher It is still better to eat bishul Yisroel. 


pas yisroel Malky Jacobs

Do you know what pas yisroel is? 

Vote for Yosef By Samuel

Vote Joseph vice Pharoh. Why you should vote for Joseph? Because he is a good leader and role model. Well he is not a cocky or a selfish leader, he is a nice, kind and thoughtful leader. If it was not for Joseph Egypt would have had no food making it a famine. Joseph inspires me because he a good leader and a inspiration.