Our school library

Rules to remember;

A library is a place to peacfully enjoy browsing and discovering books.

We must use quiet voices.

We never eat or drink in the library.

We put books back in the correct place.

We look at one book at a time.

We look after our books, we keep them clean and never write in them.

We must remember other people will be using these books.


Enjoy reading, would you like to tell us about a book you have read?Come and take a book review form from the library fill it in we would love to know about your experience.




Week 5 Highlights 6.12.19

This week children have had the opportunity to look at the mark scheme for the assessments which took place. From this, they have set their own targets and identified the areas of their learning which can be improved. It has been a pleasure to watch the children reflect and take ownership of their learning.

Our favourite moments…

v  In English this week, we continued to learn about poetry. We compared and contrasted a range of poems to High Flight and had to justify which poetic key features had been used. During Thursday’s lesson, we chose whether we wanted to write a narrative or a sonnet. We enjoyed being given the freedom to choose the writing task we completed!

v  In Maths, we have been learning about multiplication. This week we have learned about common factors and prime numbers.

v  In History this week, we learned about the experience of evacuees. Mrs Scott, who teaches in Reception, allowed us to listen to her grandmother’s story of when she was evacuated at the age of 13. We spent one lesson watching a series of videos and making notes. This was to prepare us to write a letter as an evacuee. Hearing about someone’s first-hand experience really helped to bring WW2 to life. A huge thank you to Mrs Scott and her wonderful grandma!


1. Homework has been set and is due on Wednesday’s. (Remember to do the spelling sentences linking to adverbs of possibility e.g. certainly etc.)

2. Please ensure your child brings their planner on Monday as their weekly spelling test will be recorded in there.

3. VE Day (Thursday 12th December 2019 at 2:30pm) letters have gone out. Please return the slips if you are able to attend. Children are to come to school in anything linking to WW2. They could come as a land girl, an evacuee or as a soldier- these are just some ideas.

- Girl’s costumes must include either a skirt or a dress.

- If your child is coming as a soldier, no guns are allowed.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Webley and Miss Begum

homework and spellings 14.11.19

Homework this week is a maths mat and a SPaG mat


Spellingsfor next week

Hose  bone  code

Tune   rude  mute





Week 8 Highlights

A huge well done to the children for completing their WW2 Homework projects to such a high standard. Over the next few days, your child will be given the opportunity to present their findings to the rest of the class. I am excited to hear what they have discovered outside of the classroom!

Our favourite moments…

v  In English this week, we have been drafting our diary entries based on Land Girls’ experiences. We travelled back in time to 1941 when most women were conscripted to work. Mrs Webley dressed up as a Land Girl, gave us a tour of her farm and explained all of the duties she had to do. This helped us make our writing even better!

v  In History, we focused on rationing. We used rice to represent foods which were rationed throughout the war. We weighed out how much food children (ages 5-16) would get per week. Quote from one child, “The portion sizes were unrealistically SMALL!”

v  In Maths, we are applying our knowledge of place value to addition and subtraction.


  1. The children will be set their homework tasks on Tuesday 29th October 2019. It is due on Wednesday 6th November 2019. This week, your child will not have to complete their spelling sentences as they have not been given any spellings to practise. Their weekly spelling test on Monday will be on a random selection of the Year 5 statutory spellings; do encourage your child to try their best.
  2. Please ensure your child brings their planner on a daily basis so it can be used as a primary form of communication.
  3. On Thursday 14th November 2019, there will be an opportunity for parents/ carers to attend a workshop along with your child. The focus will be on writing. As well as completing a writing activity with your child, it will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and receive further information about the English curriculum we are teaching. It will take place in the morning straight after registration. More information about this will follow shortly in a letter.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Webley and Miss Begum

Mrs Owen's group's spellings

Mrs Owen’s groups spelling

22.11.18 – write a space ship log to show you know what the words mean as part of your homework – hand it in on Thursday to Mrs Owen. BE IMAGINATIVE.

Your child has a Log booklet to fill in for this. Please help them use their dictionaires to spell other adventurous vocabulary also.

Success criteria:

1.     I can use my own writing targets

2.    I can use expected punctuation:

3.    Capital letters in correct places

4.    Full stops in correct places

5.    Punctuation for reported speech

6.    Finger spaces

7.    Thesaurus and dictionary

1.       radar

2.       spare

3.       notice

4.       nostril

5.       reprogram

6.       compare

7.       chicken

8.       crater

9.       repair

10.   eye

11.   scared

12.   software

13.   declare

14.   nowhere

15.   beware

16.   bulge

17.   bulging

18.   flared

19.   glared

20.   peeped

Challenge – find 3 or more syllable words which have the ‘air/ are’ sound. You might find different spelling choices.