Day 4 - the walk.

Quotes from the walk so far:

‘Why are the cows so small?‘ (pointing at the sheep). 

‘Shame on us, even the sheep can walk in single file!’

’Is the coach up here? Is that why we are walking?’ 

Day 4

Good morning.
Today the beautiful sunshine has disappeared and has been replaced by clouds and rain.

The children have learned to pack their suitcases and stuff their sleeping bags into their stuff sacs.

Miss Super Organised: Adna, who had already packed her sleeping bag last night.
Miss Super Disorganised: Amber who still hasn’t finished packing.
Mr Super Organised: Leo
Mr Super Disorganised: Rio
Most improved character: Mr Rawson.

A big thank you to Mrs Arif for her support and help on the trip. It has been most appreciated.

Quotes from Staff:
“That is not an emergency.”
“We have only brought one of your parents on this trip (Mrs Arif).”
“No one is tapping on your window.”
“Heads down/lie down!”
“I am not your mum!”
“You can do it!”
“Mr Rawson, please stay out of the puddles!”
“Mrs Poole, that’s enough coffee now!” (coffee number 4 before 9am).
‘That’s the 5th time you’ve spoken to me about the same thing in the past 24 hours!’
Miss K: ‘Mr Langford was twittering!’
It’s not Miss it’s Mrs, I am married!

Staff achievements:
Miss K: conquering her fear of heights and zip-wiring!
Miss H: has taught Mrs Poole to floss! Has learnt how to use a syringe! 
Mrs P: can now floss! Has taught Miss Hall to use a syringe.
Mr Rawson: has built a supportive bond with the children.

Parental achievement:

Mrs Arif: remaining calm in the cave in front of the children. 

Day 3 Evening

Today we have all enjoyed the sunshine. Mrs Poole and Miss Kynaston have even become sunburnt. During the day, we have been caving, climbing and abseiling in real caves and on real rock faces.

Tonight the children are all snuggled in their sleeping bags watching Paddington 2. 


Some of the children in Year 5 have been awarded new nicknames: 

Squat,, Pinky, Perky, 97, Bolt and Waterboy. 


Some quotes from today: 

Instructor: ”The boys toilets are over there!” (pointing to the bushes).

Child: “Sir, I can’t see the toilet?”


Instructor: “My name is Liz or Lizzie!”

Child: “Oh, is that short for Elizabeth? 

Instructor: “Yes, I was named after my Great Nan, Elizabeth!’ 

Child: (in a very serious voice): ‘Is your Nan the Queen?’ 


The staff would like to congratulate the children on amazing teamwork, conquering fears and perseverance.