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I hope you had a fantastic summer  and I can't wait to meet you all very soon.

We are going to have an amazing school year, filled with new games, songs and plenty of fun!

Mrs. Hensman

Ivrit topics in Spring 2016

In Spring 2016, the classes will be studying the following topics in their Ivrit (Modern Hebrew) lessons:

Year 1: Continuing the alef-bet, with vowels; Greetings and basic words

Year 2: My family

Year 3: Birthdays

Year 4: Food and drink; school subjects

Year 5: In the classroom

Year 6: Going on a picnic; weather

Year 6 are visiting the Greengrocer

At the Greengrocer


We have been learning about food last term, and our follow up topic is:

At the greengrocer.

The children have been introduced to the old israeli currency (Lirot) and the modern Israeli currency the shekel and in today's lesson children used a calculator and mental arithmetic activities related to currency in Ivrit.

Here is some of the vocabulary that we have learnt so far:  

         Lira(former Israeli currency) - לִירה                          


shekel    The new Shekel  - שֶׁקֶל חָדָשׁ


The children enjoyed learning to count in hundreds and practising  to write "big numbers " in Ivrit.

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