Year 1 learns about hosting guests

Year 1 learned all about Avraham and Sarah's dedication to hosting guests in order to teach them to thank Hashem for the food. During discussions, children shared some precious ideas of how to do best:

"When you invite guests you have to tidy the house before they come"

" My Mummy gets snack ready before guests arrive"

"You need to change your clothes and look neat and clean for the guests"

Children were asked to draw or write a menu of what they would serve the guests. Most of them would prepare cookies, icecream and crisps. Some children wanted to offer a healthier option so suggested carrots, oranges and apples. It was great fun acting out the story of Avraham and Sarah and their tent with doors on all sides!

A song for Parsha Lech lecha

This week in Year 2 we learned a great song about Avraham! Here are the link and the lyrics.


A Small Boy Of Three
When Avrom was a small boy of three
He looked at the stars and the sea
He thought the Creator was in the sky
The sun or the moon so high

But after each one in its time did set
He knew there was someone greater yet
Then he understood, and was filled with love
He knew Hashem Echod was above

And we are all ready to start!

Welcome back to our school. We hope you had a great summer break and are ready to start what promises to be a great learning year!! Just to get you thinking as we begin our learning, can you answer the following questions?

1. What is the very first Jewish festival we will be celebrating this academic year?


2. Which festival do the following items remind you of?

a. Shofar, apple and honey. New Year cards?

b. Non leather shoes, fasting

c. Eating in a hut, shaking the four species

d. Sefer Torah, flag

Let your RE teacher know if you managed to get any of these answers right! 

We look forward to working with you this year!

From the RE Staff