Week 7 Highlights 20.12.19


One term down two to go! It has been a packed term with lots of exciting events and learning taking place. On Monday, we had the chance to make some lovely doughnuts. On Tuesday, we celebrated Chanukah by completing fun crafts and watching films. Some parents were able to join us at school which we are very grateful for. A huge thank you to all parents and carers who have been able to attend any of the events we have had this term! We have also had a winter clean (projects and PE kits have been sent home) and therefore we are ready for the Spring term.

Our favourite moments…

v  In English this week, we continued to learn about setting descriptions. We colour coded the WAGOLL for the key features. We were looking for the four senses, metaphors and similes. The children have worked hard on incorporating all of the techniques taught to enhance their writing.

v  In Maths, we have been learning about cubed numbers. The children have been learning how to represent these numbers in a variety of ways.

v  Remember…

1.No homework has been set. However, please learn the lyrics to the song over the holidays in preparation for our class assembly.

Any time you're Lambeth way
Any evening, any day
You'll find us all
Doin' the Lambeth walk

Every little Lambeth gal
With her little Lambeth pal
You'll find 'em all
Doin' the Lambeth walk

Everything free and easy
Do as darn well pleasey
Why don't you make your way there?
Go there; stay there

Once you get down Lambeth way
Every evening, every day
You'll find yourself
Doin' the Lambeth walk

Have an amazing holiday and Happy New Year when it arrives,

Mrs Webley and Miss Begum