Week 3 Highlights 22.11.19

This week we have been assessing the children’s knowledge in Reading, Writing and Maths. The children are doing well and have proved that they have learned lots so far. Thank you for supporting your children at home as well!

Our favourite moments…

v  In English this week, we completed our assessments relating to our discussions which explored whether adult intervention was necessary when dealing with friendship issues. The children then completed a Speaking and Listening activity, reading aloud their own writing. Our focuses were maintaining good eye contact and projecting our voice. Everyone in the class read a paragraph or two, which made me very proud indeed!

v  In Maths, we have been learning about two-way tables. We have been taught how to read and interpret them during this week’s lessons.

v  In DT, Miss Hassan taught a wonderful lesson, which allowed children to create their own WW2 gardens including an Anderson shelter. The designs were very well thought out and all children were engaged in this lesson. These will be sent home next week so they can be shared will you all.


1. Homework has been set and is due on Wednesday’s. (Remember to do the spelling sentences linking to modal verbs- can, could, must etc. I will be checking that your modal verb fits the context when I check your spelling sentences)

2. Please ensure your child brings their planner on Monday as their weekly spelling test will be recorded in there.

3. PE will take place on Monday instead of Tuesday for this week only. Please remember your PE kits!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Webley and Miss Begum