Week 7 Highlights

Last Friday, Year 5 received Charlie Lion for keeping their classroom immaculate. A huge well done to everyone for working as a team to keep our room as tidy as ever. I look forward to having Charlie Lion visit us again in the future.

Our favourite moments…

v  In English this week, we have enjoyed learning about diary entries. We even had a chance to write one of our very own. In addition to this, we have explored the role of women during WW2 and how this changed. We discussed different stereotypical jobs for men and women and how this changed dramatically during the war.

v  In Music, we listened to different pieces written by a range of musicians. We had the chance to explain what we appreciated about each piece and how we felt.

v  In Science, this week we analysed the appropriateness of materials depending on the seasons. We looked at a range of Mrs Webley’s coats and jackets and justified which season it would be best suited to and why. We are continuing to develop our understanding of what materials are used for and according to thier properties.

v  In Maths this week, we completed our end of place value test to prove how much we have learned during the first 6 weeks of Y5.


1. The children have been set a WW2 project and their spelling sentences, both are due Wednesday 23rd October 2019. As an added extra, I have also sent a Maths homework booklet that your child can work through over the next few weeks. This booklet is not compulsory.

2. Please ensure your child brings their planner on Thursday as their weekly spelling test will be recorded in there. I would like to remind you to sign your child’s planner on a weekly basis. 

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Webley and Miss Begum