Mrs Collett is the Nursery class teacher. She is supported by Mrs Blech, Mrs Davis and Mrs Ahmed. The Nursery class follow the Early Years Outcomes in the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Mrs Collett is also the Foundation Stage Co-ordinator, overseeing the teaching and learning in the Nursery and Reception classes.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

On Friday 12th October, Early Years went on a Bear Hunt. In the classroom, we read the story and then went and explored the outside area. The children left the classroom through the long wavy grass, we splashed in the river, squelched through the mud, tipped in the forest, entered a swirling snowstorm and then tip toed into the cave. In the cave they found:

One shiny wet nose!
Two big furry ears!
Two big goggly eyes!
A very friendly bear. 

We will be going on a bear hunt again! 


IMG 0673   IMG 0682   IMG 0684  IMG 0676   IMG 0694   IMG 0680   IMG 0691

21st September 2018

Today, Early Years went on an Autumn walk in Moseley Park. The children walked very sensibly down to the park and listened really carefully to the instructions. 

IMG 3852   IMG 3866   IMG 3853


IMG 3849    IMG 3875   IMG 3869

Thank you to all the parent volunteers - the trip would not have been possible without so many helpers. 

Rosh Hasana

Thursday 6th September

Welcome to Reception. This morning the children in Early Years spent time learning about Rosh Hashana. They heard the Shofer being blown and enjoyed tasting pomegranate and dipping the apple in the honey. 

The children have settled beautifully into Reception and we are looking forward to the year ahead. 

The Early Years Team

Room on the Broom

Reception have been reading Room on the Broom and have had lots of fun, making potions to drink, making potions with lots of disgusting things in the water tray and making their very own magic wands.


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