Home corner

home cornerToday the puppies have been learning about houses and homes. We have learnt the names for different rooms in a house and have talked about the furniture we have in our own homes. Afterwards we went to play in our home corner. 

Mrs Collett

Wednesday 8th October

Today the kittens have been learning all about their bodies. We have named parts of our body and sang a new song.

Mrs Blech



Welcome to nursery.

We would like to welcome you all to our nursery. This is an important year as it's your child's first year in school. We will do all we can to make your child feel happy and secure in our care.

Our first topic is entitled "Ourselves". Your children will be learning name songs to help them develop friendships in nursery . They will also sing songs daily to help with numbers and parts of the body. We will be teaching your child to become independent in their self care and to develop their social skills.

We welcome your support especially in this first term.Thank you.


Mrs Collett is the Nursery class teacher. She is supported by Mrs Blech, Mrs Davis and Mrs Ahmed. The Nursery class follow the Early Years Outcomes in the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Mrs Collett is also the Foundation Stage Co-ordinator, overseeing the teaching and learning in the Nursery and Reception classes.

Forest School

We really enjoyed our first 'Forest School' session this morning.

Firstly, we read the 'Three Little Pigs' and then made our own big shelter. The children then used found materials to make their own little shelters.

It was a great opportunity to explore the natural environment, develop vocabulary, use gross and fine motor skills and deepen their imaginations. A brilliant time was had by all.

Over the next two Fridays, the rest of the children will have an opportunity to visit the 'Forest school'. 


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