Reminder for Nursery Parents

Please ensure that you bring in a labelled carrier bag of spare clothes for your child.  The bag should contain underwear, socks, easy pull on trousers, t shirt and jumper.  These will be stored at nursery for when your child needs a change of clothes.  Please be aware that we cannot accept rucksacks or shoulder bags. Thank you for your kind support.

Mrs Blech

Back to Nursery

We hope you had an amazing holiday with your children.  We are very happy to welcome you to our class and a new year in Nursery.

We started back with the first group of children on Wednesday. They are settling in well so far and we look forward to meeting more new children on Monday.

 Mrs Blech






Welcome to nursery

Welcome to Nursery. It is our aim to make your child's first year in school a fun and rewarding time. If you have any issues you wish to discuss the staff are always happy to help you. Please do not hesitate to approach us. We will be sending out a newsletter later on in the week. This will include details about our topic work and other information that you may find useful.

Kind regards 

Mrs L Collett Nursery Teacher, Foundation Stage Phase Leader


Nursery have been learning all about different animals and how to make them better. We have our own vets in nursery so if you have a sick animal, nursery will be happy to help you out.

We have also been learning all about the farm and the children are getting really excited about their trip on Thursday.

farm 4farm 5


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