Welcome to King David Nursery

On behalf of the nursery staff Mrs Ahmad, Mrs Byrne and Mrs Rashid I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the new nursery children and their families. It is our aim to make your child's first year in school a happy and rewarding time. If you wish to discuss any issues our staff are always happy to help. We will soon be sending home a newsletter with more details of this term's work.

Kind regards

Mrs L Collett

Hello From Mrs. Ahmad

Hello from Mrs. Ahmad to all our brand new nursery children and their families.  I'm looking forward to a lovely year with lots of exciting activities and events.  I hope you all enjoy being at King David School as much as the teachers all enjoy working here.

Thursday 4th February

We hope that you and your children are enjoying our visiting bear, Paddington. Thank you for all your lovely contributions to Paddington's journal. Please may we remind you to return him the next morning after your child has had their turn.

We have also started our P.E lessons and the children are especially enthusiastic. Many thanks for all the pumps that you have supplied for your children.

The nursery library is also proving very popular and we hope that you and your children are making time to share our books. Please remember that we change books on a Wednesday. Please ensure that book bags and books are returned on this day.

Next Tuesday 9th February you have an opportunity to attend a parent workshop on phonics. This will take place at 2.15 pm in our Reception class. Everybody is very welcome, both nursery and reception class parents.

Next week the children will be making delicious gingerbread biscuits in nursery. They have loved writing their shopping lists, going to the supermarket for the ingredients and are looking forward to the cooking and eating too!




School Council Refugee Appeal

Dear Parents,

King David School has always pride itself on being a charitable institution: taking care and being considerate to those who are far less fortunate then we are.  In light of recent news events, we are increasingly aware that the plight of refugees is increasing and unfortunately worsening.  It is time for us as a community to rise up to the new and very sad situation of these displaced people and do what we can to help them.

Refugees are not a new occurrence, although we are increasingly aware due to mass media, of their existence. We all may know of a person or a child in our neighbourhood who is need of help and we would respond – well this is the same but on a phenomenal scale.  So, this is what King David would like to do:

  1. We would like to make winter easier – it is getting very cold and wet.  How would we feel sleeping in a makeshift tent at this time of year, let alone anytime of the year?
  2. We would like to collect ‘items’ that will see these refugees through the next few arduous months at least.
  3. We would like to make this an ongoing focus for our school and do as much we can to help.

We are currently in touch with the following charity: France and Beyond Refugee Aid (please do take a look at their website).  This is a reputable charity – their aim is to collect practical, much-needed everyday items that families and individuals require (think about your daily needs)!

Our first collection to take over to the refugees in France will be at the end of January.   We are asking groups of classes to bring different items.  We request kindly that these items be intact and therefore usable.  New items of course will be very welcome.

Nursery/Reception/Year 1

Children’s toys including:

Cricket bats and balls/ footballs/skittles/skipping ropes

Colouring books and pencils

Complete board games

Pens/ colouring pencils/ sharpeners, rulers

We look forward to a fantastic response because we know how lucky we truly are.  We need to share in the grief of those less fortunate.

Thank you most sincerely,

Year 6 School Council.

Happy New Year


Dear Parents,

We hope you had an amazing holiday with your children and a good rest too.

This term our topic is Food. We will be making shopping lists, going to the supermarket and making gingerbread people.

We are also going to start PE and we request that you bring in pumps for your child as soon as possible.

We continue to need kitchen towels, boxes of tissues, soap bars and clean carrier bags. Please help us by bringing these items in.

Thank you for your continued support.




End of Term

It has been a very busy and enjoyable term in Nursery. The children have been learning all about Ourselves and have been working hard in their learning groups.

We have also began our phonics work and the children are very keen to learn about different sounds.

We hope you enjoyed our wonderful Channukah concert on Monday.  It was a stunning performance combining Nursery and Reception.

On Wednesday some of the children visited the Post Office. They had their pretend photo taken in the photo booth. They also bought  a stamp to post a letter.

The last group will visit the Post Office next week.

Thank you to the parents who have already donated kitchen towels, boxes of tissues and soap. These items have been put to good use! However, we do need further supplies of these items and we appeal for all parents to support us.

Nursery finishes at 2:15pm on Friday 18th December and resumes on Tuesday 5th January at


We wish you and your family a wonderful winter holiday and a very Happy Channukah.


Kindest regards,

Mrs Collett and Mrs Blech