Nursery have started their food topic by learning the names of fruits and vegetables, talking about their likes and dislikes and discussing shapes and textures. Phew - what a lot of work!

They have made healthy choices at snack time and explained the noises some fruit and vegetables make when you eat them.

healthy choices

They have also made observational drawings, choosing a piece of fruit or a vegetable and looking through a magnifying glass to identify features closely. They then used pastels to draw the image. Here are a few examples from Friday. See if your child can recognise the activity.


"Oranges" by Selma selma orange





"Banana" by Zidaan









"Pears, oranges and apples," by SafaSafa

IT In Nursery

IMG 0059   

Today Nursery were learning how to use paint pot on the interactive whiteboard.       

Investigating Mirrors

This afternoon Nursery have been using mirrors to investigate how reflections work.

IMG 0449

A morning in Nursery

What a lovely morning we've had in Nursery. The children have written letters in the post office and posted them in the post box. Look out for our class blogs over the next four weeks when the children will be visiting our local post office to learn how it works.

They have been learning all about the AlefBet with Mrs Cohen and Mrs Halter and had a run around outside for some much deserved fresh air.   


Settling In To Nursery

The children are all setttling well into our nusery now and are enjoying the first topic of 'Ourselves'. Parents can help us by encouraging their children to find their name every morning and by discussing what activities their children have taken part in.    

Welcome to King David Nursery

On behalf of the nursery staff Mrs Ahmad, Mrs Byrne and Mrs Rashid I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the new nursery children and their families. It is our aim to make your child's first year in school a happy and rewarding time. If you wish to discuss any issues our staff are always happy to help. We will soon be sending home a newsletter with more details of this term's work.

Kind regards

Mrs L Collett