Nursery Autumn Walk

Nursery had great fun looking for signs of Autumn. The children collected red, green, orange and brown leaves. We discussed the signs of Autumn. 


Rayaan 2   Anaiya   Maryam H  


Cheng   Batsheva  Thomas 1

Nursery love exploring the classroom.

Week beginning 13th November 2017

The children love accessing the resources in Nursery. This is some of the fun they have been having this week. 

Batsheva autumn tree   Aayat letter sounds   Victoria


Yaseen puzzle   Umamah   insect hunting


IMG 0483 renamed 24796   Rayaan Maths lesson renamed 30057   simra satp


Cheng p    

Singing in Nursery

Nursery had lots of fun singing with Ms Hawkins this week. The children sang 'Cuckcoo, cuckcoo, where are you?' and 'Bee, Bee, Bumble Bee!'


IMG 1012   IMG 1017 renamed 31417  IMG 1019   IMG 1026  IMG 1021   IMG 1025

Friday fun

Friday 10th November 2017


We have lots of lovely activities for the children to explore. The activities were chosen by the children to reinforce the learning intentions for this week. Child-initiated learning will encourage the children to settle in their new surroundings faster and these activities can foster both collaborative and parallel play. 


tap tap  IMG 1057   jigsaw                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             numbers    IMG 1035

The children have loved accessing the resources and learning the sound of the week 'p.' In addition to this, we have been talking about our families, our homes and where we live. We have used the computer to colour and draw pictures and the children have been drawing things beginning with p. 

IMG 1071   IMG 1072   IMG 1075   IMG 1074   IMG 1043   IMG 1069  Aliyah writing    IMG 1049 renamed 5091



p p p p

IMG 1035

This week we have been learning all about the letter p. 

Can you think of any more words that begin with 'p'?

Phonics in Nursery

The children have been learning some phonics in Nursery. The sounds they know so far are s, a, t. We have been using letters and sounds games and jolly phonics songs to help reinforce their letter recognition and the sounds the letters make. Tuesday 31st October we learnt the letter t for tower, tennis and teacher. We also had a go at learning to write it.  


Ansariya   Ayah