Eruv Tavshilin By Ben

Eruv Tavshilin is a day before a festival or Shabbat where you can cook

all the food needed for the festival can be cooked. 

The reasons and customs of Rosh Hashanah by Max

          The first custom of Rosh Hashanah is to blow the shofar. The reason for this is simply to wake us up in the morning and to remind us both of a baby crying and to say sorry.

          Then there is the most memorable tradition: the Apple and Honey! There are reasons for this as well, you might know this is for a sweet new year but there are other meanings. We dip apple because it is the most well known fruit and we dip it in honey because Israel is described as "A land flowing with milk and honey".

          Of course, most people will wonder why we we have a fish head on the table. This reason is because Rosh Hashanah is the head of the year and because fish don't have eyelids so it never sleeps. Neither does Hashem. He is always looking after us!


Why do we do תשובה? By Noah

In the month of אלול we think about all the bad things we've done this year and follow these steps. One, feel bad about what you've done, two don't do it again, three admit what you've done to the person/thing and say sorry, finally make a commitment to not do it again. If you do these steps propearly, G-d will forgive you and in return he'll give you a happy, sweet new year!

Rosh Hashana information by Ardalan

On Rosh Hashnah we have a lot of fun. We dip the apple in the honey to remind us of a sweet new year. We have round chalot and have the head of the fish to remind us of the head of the year and our relationship with God gets stronger.

Why do we have fish head? By Samuel

We have a fish head because G-d does not close his eyes so it like a fish when it can not close it eyes.