Year 5 compile a brochure about Chanukah

Year 5 Limudei Kodesh children have been working very hard on producing a guide for how to celebrate Chanukah. They have been making their brochure using Office Power Point. Lots of reseach has gone on in order to collect information to write in the brochure. Thank you Mr Langford for helping us out with this!

Y5 leaflet chanukah 2bracha and lila chanukah brochure

Children research about Chanukah

As always, at King David we not only teach children, but we teach children how to learn and how to find out information on their own. Year 6 children have been doing their own research about Chanukah then sharing what they have learned with each other, through our Chanukah blog at They have found out lots of good and helpful information and some great links too!!


Arielle Y6 Chanukah ipady6 chanukah ipads

Chanukah concert well on their way!


Preparations for the Chanukah concert are well on their way. Please save the afternoon of the 17th December to come and join us for the concert. You will not want to miss out on this one!

Chanukah candles








The Children in nursery have been makinging a Chanukiah using their handprints.

rasim 1 - Copyrasim 2rasim 3

Reception children use i-pads to learn Alef Bet

Children in Reception started using i-pads to learn how to shape the letters of the Alef Bet.

REc learning from ipad

Nursery Activities

IMG 0134IMG 0136


Nursery have been learning their Hebrew letters and playing a matching game.