Daniel in the Lions Den

We had some lions visit nursery today.lion1

Year 4 learn about the time of the Shoftim

Year 4 Limudei Kodesh group have been learning all about the time of the Shoftim (Judges), when Am Yisrael lived through cycles of peace and war times. The children are fascinated with the stories of Eglon, Devorah, Gidon and Shimshon and can clearly see a pattern in the history of that time!! Please come and visit our wall display in class!

Tu Bishvat

We have been learning all about Tu Bishvat in nursery

tu bishvattu bishvat 1

Year 1 design their own dreidel

Year 1 Limudei Kodesh group  designed their own dreidel and learned how to play the game. What a fun lesson this was!!

Y1 dreidel making L         Y1 dreidel making r

Meeting a Holocaust survivor

Year 6 pupils went on a very important journey to Newark to meet a Holocaust survivor and visit the Holocaust centre. Mr Simon Winston shared his difficult experience with the children, teaching them that miracles can happen in the most difficult of times. All the children in Year 6 learned a great deal from the exhibition and our guide at the centre was very impressed with their previous knowledge and with the questions they asked.

Y6 holocaust centre for blog        Y6 holocaust centre for blog 1

All children shared a special moment with one of their classmates when they found the plaque dedicated to the memory of his great grandparents who were murdered by the Nazis

Y6 holocaust centre for blog 2


Happy Chanukah from Y4!

Year 4 have been busy making different crafts for Chanukah. They have been designing their own chanukiah, using various materials.