Bunny fun

We had lots of fun using glue and tissue paper to make our bunnies.

IMG 0067

Bob the Builder


There will be no stay and play this week, October 22nd because Bob the Builder is doing some work. We will be back for more fun after half term.


Succah Fun

succah 6




Stay and Play enjoyed their snack in the Succah today.

succah2succahsuccah 4


Please come and have fun at Stay and Play   9-11 every Wednesday. 

arts and craft

snack time




Mrs Davisbaby

Last Day at Red Ridge

Here are the photos from our last day at Red Ridge.


IMG 2967  IMG 2968  IMG 2970

IMG 2969  IMG 2973  IMG 2974

IMG 2975     IMG 6629  IMG 6632 renamed 5247


IMG 6631  IMG 6636  IMG 6633

IMG 6635


Our Birthday Boy

IMG 6643  IMG 6644


Our own violinist to play Happy Birthday.  (He is really good.)

IMG 6623  IMG 6625





Thank you

A huge thank you to all the parent/carers for all the kind messages we have recieved about our trip to Red Ridge. We were overwhelmed with all your messages, chocolates and flowers. 

From Mummy Suhai