Forest School Group 1

We really enjoyed our first 'Forest School' session this morning.

Firstly, we read the 'Three Little Pigs' and then made our own big shelter. The children then used found materials to make their own little shelters.

It was a great opportunity to explore the natural environment, develop vocabulary, use gross and fine motor skills and deepen their imaginations. A brilliant time was had by all.

Over the next two Fridays, the rest of the children will have an opportunity to visit the 'Forest school'. 


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Early Years Trip to the Theatre

20th November 2018

We had a great morning at the theatre seeing ‘Sleepyhead.’ The children were amazing and really enjoyed the production. This afternoon they drew a picture about what they saw. They talked about the baby who wouldn’t sleep, the rabbit, the magic hat and the daddy who went to sleep.

A big thank you to the parent volunteers, without you, this trip would not have been possible. 


Mrs Poole


Friday 9th November


Remember, remember the 5th November=, well... Early Years will hopefully remember the 9th November. Today we taught them about firework safety and allowed them to enjoy a sparkler under close supervision and in very small groups. The adults modelled the activity for the children and then called them outside a few children at a time to enjoy the experience. After the sparkler had gone out the children put them in a bucket of cold water. Please ask your child about the safety measures they had to remember.


The Early Years Team

Pictures to follow


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

On Friday 12th October, Early Years went on a Bear Hunt. In the classroom, we read the story and then went and explored the outside area. The children left the classroom through the long wavy grass, we splashed in the river, squelched through the mud, tripped in the forest, entered a swirling snowstorm and then tip toed into the cave. In the cave they found:

One shiny wet nose!
Two big furry ears!
Two big goggly eyes!
A very friendly bear. 

We will be going on a bear hunt again! 

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Autumn Walk

We will be going on an Autumn walk around the school grounds on Wednesday 26th September. Please make sure your children are wearing sensible outdoor footwear for the walk. 

Thank you, 

Mrs Poole 

Early Years 21st September 2018

Today, Early Years went on an Autumn walk in Moseley Park. The children walked very sensibly down to the park and listened really carefully to the instructions. 

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IMG 3849    IMG 3875   IMG 3869

Thank you to all the parent volunteers - the trip would not have been possible without so many helpers.