Israeli Dancing

Mrs Cooper, Mrs Posaner and Mrs Davis and a group of children, had an amazing day dancing at the Israeli Dance Festival In London on Sunday. Mrs Cooper had been busy teaching the dancing before at Israeli dancing club. A big thank to all the parents who came along and helped us out.


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Year 4 learns the order of the Seder

Can you list the order of the Seder? Year 4 Limudei Kodesh children can!Pesach Y4 1

Year Four

Matza Baking

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Lots of fun and learning in our shul-turned bakery!

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Matza Baking with Year 5 and 6

Rabbi Simon and his son came to King David today to show the children how to make Matzahs and to tell the story of Matzahs, how they get from the field to the table. In the photos you can see they had alot of fun,(trying to keep the flour on the table and not themselves), from grinding the seeds to make the flour, to rolling the dough for baking. Hats and aprons on, all hands to the mix. This year we were lucky enough to have a special oven to bake our Matzahs, which smelt delicous while cooking. Can't wait to taste them.

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Matza Baking with Year 1 and 2

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Year 1 and 2 enjoyed making Matza's in the Shul today. They ground the wheat in order to make flour by hand. Some children were chosen to help Rabbi Simons to do these tasks. 

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The children were grouped as boys and girls and worked hard to roll out their Matza's and decorate them with pretty patterns. All children were engaged and enjoyed this activity. 

The many ways to make a puppet!

Children in Years 4 and 5 have been creating exquisit puppets out of felt or wooden spoons! This was another of our activities in school during our special fun day to celebrate Purim!


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