Reception children use i-pads to learn Alef Bet

Children in Reception started using i-pads to learn how to shape the letters of the Alef Bet.

REc learning from ipad

Nursery Activities

IMG 0134IMG 0136


Nursery have been learning their Hebrew letters and playing a matching game.

Year 2 learn about Abraham and Sarah

IMG 0301IMG 0302


Year 2 have been learning the story about Abraham and Sarah in their R E lesson with Mrs Halter.

King David in the national papers

A photo of one of our pupils was published in the Jewish Chronicle, a national Jewish paper in an article that celebrated the unity created by Shabbat UK

.Daniel in the JC

Noah's Ark

Nursery have been busy learning all about  Noah and his Ark


IMG 0105         IMG 0110

A most wonderful array of challot covers to celebrate Shabbat UK

Children have been very busy at home making their challot covers to enter the competition which ends this coming Friday! Have you got yours ready?

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