A peep into our Sukkot Kidush assembly!

Though Sukkot this year fell on erev Shabbat, on Friday, we held a rather jolly Sukkot kidush assembly at school. Children, with the help of Mrs Cooper and a rather "tanggly" sukkah, pretended to build a sukkah frame and then went on to set the yomtov table inside the frame. The challenge of the day was to make sure no one walked through the make belief walls!!!

Thank you Mrs Cooper for leading the children in singing a whole array of Sukkot songs!

Sukkot assembly

Shake, shake, shake!

Sukkot is here and with it comes all the fun learning to do with building a sukkah, eating in a sukkah, decorating a sukkah and of course shaking the lulav and etrog! Here are some photos of children doing the mitzvah of shaking the Lulav and Etrog. 

Raphael  Hadassah  Japer  Michael

Learning about Yom Kippur and Yom Kippur assembly

What an inpirational few day the children had learning all about Yom Kippur. In the younger years, we have looked at the importance of saying sorry and have learned how we keep Yom Kippur. The older years looked at the meaning behind this holy day and the importance of forgiveness. Children have been trully inpirational in their sincerity and honesty!  Below is a sample of Year 2-3 work as well as a photo of our Yom Kippur Abba, who showed us how to put on a tallit and a Kittle!

 Yom Kippur books    Yom Kippur assembly f

Extra! Extra!! Hot off the press! New pupils blog

The Limudei Kodesh pupils in Year 6 has helped launch our own Jewish Studies children’s blog by writing about what they have been learning! Please check out what the children have been doing by clicking Jewish and Hebrew studies on the menu bar, then clicking on Jewish Studies children’s blog.