Celebrating Yom Haatzmaut in style



This morning we had a very special assembly in honour of Yom Haatzmaut. The whole school was treated to a show by our Israeli dancers!

assembly dancing     assembly Yom Haatzmaut

Year 4 children share a special message about the Holocaust

Today in assembly we watched a video about a non-Jewish man saving innocent Jewish people during the Holocaust. He put his life at risk to save Jewish people's lives. He was the director of a Circus and took the Circus around. He gave a job to a Jewish girl, her mother and sister to save them from the Nazis. Here is the link to the video clip:


 Adolf and Maria Althoff

Adolph and Maria

Blogged by Ben, Samuel, Noah and Max (Year 4 Limudei Kodesh group)

Early Years enjoy our mock Pesach seder

Lots of fun was had today during our mock Pesach seder where children sang songs, ate special Pesach foods, learned all about Pesach including great impersonations of Pharaoh and a Jewish slave by Mrs Collett and Mr Nichols!

EYFS seder 1 EYFS Seder 3 EYFS seder 4

What is RE at King David all about?

King David Parents Forum coffee morning included a visit from Mr Cohen who explained all about Religious Education at King David School. Below is the handout which Mrs Cohen distributed.

Jewish Education at King David School:

March 2015

The school Jewish ethos is promoted through:

l  Moral values based on the teachings of the Torah

l  Assemblies with high moral content

l  Theme of the week and Middot awards encouraging good behaviour

l  Jewish festivals and celebrations for all children

l  Holocaust Education

l  Sex Education

l  Learning about Israel

l  Kosher food

l  Reflective teaching promoting self-awareness and awareness of needs of others especially during prayers

l  Level descriptors – spiral learning for all pupils

l  Using local resources to support RE


Early Years Foundation Stage

l  Children learn together

l  Learning the Hebrew Alphabet

l  Focus on artefacts and experiential learning

l  Cross curricular activities

l  Developing motor skills through learning


Key Stage one and Key Stage two RE teaching and learning:

l  Strong focus on moral education

l  Opportunity to take part in Jewish workshops and projects

l  Opportunity to represent the school inside and outside the Jewish community

l  Promotes shared understanding through sound and effective school ethos

l  Teaching is experiential whenever possible, i.e. blowing the shofar, making doughnuts etc


The Parallel Group:

l  One and a half hours a week of RE lessons

l  Understanding of basic Jewish practices

l  Focused Hebrew reading to support Ivrit in Years 1, 2 and 3

l  Focus on RE for meaning

Limudei Kodesh Group:

l  Two and a half hours a week of RE lessons

l  Children learn Judaism in more depth including Jewish laws and practice

l  Parasha sheet and quiz questions sent home weekly

l  Weekly reading homework

l  Kid blog

l  Volunteer homework to encourage children independent learning

Our Growing Edge:

l  Display boards using photos of our children doing mitzvoth

l  Raising standard in Hebrew reading

l  Focus on learning about Kashrut in a cross curricular way

l  Seamless learning between RE and Ivrit

l  Independent learners and self-assessment

King David search for chametz!

King David children have spent time cleaning their classroom and getting ready for Pesach. Children assisted in the search for chametz. It was a lot of fun to look for the hidden pieces of bread!IMG 5128   IMG 5129

IMG 5130 Pesach y3