Children make latkes

On Chanukah, children in Year 6 had the chance of making latkes at the Master Chef Hub. This was a huge success with many of the children voting for latkes as the top choice food of the year. 

Other year groups also made latkes during their turn at the Master Chef Hub


latkes making 1     latkes making 2

Our fabulous Music Chanukah Concert

What a pleasure it was to be at the hall and hear the beautiful melody coming from all our musicians at King David. All the children did us proud. Children were fascinated to watch as Rabbi Kaminetsky together with Mrs Bryant, Mrs Cooper and Mr Bacanu performed professional music which warmed the heart.

Chanukah concert 1  Chanukah concert 2  Chanukah concert 3  Violin concert 4

Our school is looking magnificent for Chanukah!

Chanukah decoration 5     Y3 Chanukah decoration  Chanukah decoration 1  Chanukah decoration 2

Chanukah decoration 3    Chanukah decoration 4   Chanukah decorations 6  Chanukah decorations 7

Year 1 learns to play dreidel!

Year 1 children have been learning how to play dreidel during our RE lesson. Using chocolate chips as counters, children had a great time doing cross curricular work linking the game of dreidel and maths. Some children even had their very own dreidel, which they were proud to use.


Y1 dreidel 1  Y1 dreidel 2  Y1 dreidel 3  Y1 dreidel 4 

Y1 dreidel 5

Our Violinists get ready

Preparations are well on the way for our musical instruments Chanukah concert. Beautiful music could be heard from the shul as children practised with their teacher and and guest of honour, Rabbi Lior Kaminetsky. Don't miss out on this special event!

Violine practice