Our Violinists get ready

Preparations are well on the way for our musical instruments Chanukah concert. Beautiful music could be heard from the shul as children practised with their teacher and and guest of honour, Rabbi Lior Kaminetsky. Don't miss out on this special event!

Violine practice

Beth Shalom visit


Year Six have been learning about the Holocaust during their R.E.lessons, and on Thursday 26.11.15 they went on a school visit to the ' Beth Shalom Centre '. They were met by Linda who was their guide for the day. Their journey began watching a film about a family who had to leave Germany when Adolf Hitler started to persecute the Jewish people and other ethnic minorities. The story followed the son called Leo and who wrote diary entries of what happened to his family during this time.

Our first room was the lounge, laid out for the family Shabbat meal. Mr Grant, who has not visited the centre before, was amazed at how real the atmoshere was in the rooms we visited. Children tried on clothes from the 1940's and were able to see how the family occupied their time either listening to the radio, playing with toys or writing at the family bureau. In each room was the diary entry from Leo updating us on events unfolding in Germany.

Year Six then went into the classroom where they learnt all about how Adolf Hitler was turning everyone against the Jewish people, even children against children. They walked down a street where Jewish shop traders had graffiti daubed on their windows telling people not to trust or shop with them. Next they went onto the train to learn about how children between the ages of three and seventeen were evacuated to different places all over the world. It was very frightening to be at such young ages and to have to travel without your parents, not knowing if you would ever see them again.

The centre has a museum section which shows different items donated from Jewish people and has information about their experiences. One story that stood out was of a family who smuggled gold bars in the back of a brush to pay for food and safe passage out of Germany.

The last part of their day was to listen to Joan Slater who is a  Holocaust survivor (three at the time) and how it affected her family. Year Six had an amazing day, linking all previous lessons to information learnt today and asked some very mature questions to Joan. Their behaviour was excellent in and around the centre. Well done Year Six.  

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Joining in with Shabbat UK

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The whole school have joined in with Shabbat UK decorating candle holders and hats with Mrs. Halter.